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Do you support the schoolchildren who went "on strike" today in protest over climate change?

Should Shamima Begum be allowed to return to the UK?

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What question would you ask this week Any Questions panel?

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We are in north west Wales with Ken Clarke, @LiamHalligan, @carolynharris & @_Adam_Price Tonight 8pm Radio 4
#marr line-up this Sunday

Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP
Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright (@DCMS_SecOfState)
@Airbus UK boss Katherine Bennett
@David_Suchet & @brendancoyle99

Plus all the weekend news w/ @GuardianAnushka @CamillaTominey & @BBCVickiYoung

BBC One, 10am
"Please don't go" — Gloria De Piero calls on disgruntled Labour MPs not to quit the party, saying a split on the left "only benefits the Tories"

🎧 Political Thinking with @bbcnickrobinson

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Brexit: UK-US agree to preserve trading arrangements
“They'd be much more comfortable there" Tory MP @sarahwollaston on ERG colleagues possibly joining Nigel Farage’s new #Brexit party

“If they were dictating policy, they'd be getting the deal they wanted” Telegraph’s @christopherhope

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"A lot of us that are pretty fed up at the moment in terms of the Labour Party's Brexit position" Labour's @IanMurrayMP on talk of party splits

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“Every now and again it involves doing something that is not about narrowly being in the classroom and doing something different and learning from it and being a catalyst for change" CBI director general @cbicarolyn on #SchoolStrike4Climate

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“If we don’t strike now, then we are getting educated for a future that we don’t know is going to exist in the way it does now” activist Lottie Tellyn on the #SchoolStrike4Climate protests where pupils have left school to take part in rallies #politicslive
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The most British thing you'll see today happened in Downing Street this morning, and it involved and a thoughtful police officer

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Conservative MP attacked "ideologically driven" colleagues with "gold-plated pensions and inherited wealth" for ignoring the "reality" of Brexit.
"What an absolute fiasco this is" - Tory MP @Anna_Soubry says UK politics is "becoming the laughing stock of the world"

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Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be jailed for "the £350m lie they put on the red bus" during the #Brexit referendum campaign, says - drawing comparison with company law

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Meet the housemates with the 68 year age gap. Florence (95) met her housemate Alexandra (27) through a scheme to tackle loneliness.
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Tony Blair on #Brexit: Literally why are we doing it?

Former PM, who supports a #PeoplesVote, tells #marr the choice is between “painful and pointless”

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.@DesmondSwayne MP just fell asleep in the House of Commons.
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Britain's EU referendum was "dangerous, even stupid" says @eucopresident Donald Tusk - claiming David Cameron only promised it because he thought there was "no risk" of it actually happening

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Watch 's reaction when Tory MP tells him the are going to form a "strong and stable" government.
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