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Australia seeks clarification on China coal import 'block'
37 Scottish red squirrels have been adopted in @BTS_twt star J-Hope's name 🐿️

Ask the #BTSARMY and they'll get it done 💜
Melbourne car rampage: James Gargasoulas jailed for six murders
Singapore HIV data leak shakes a vulnerable community
Trump-Kim summit: The sorry fate of North Korea's diplomat defectors
Brexit: Japan trade deal will not be completed by deadline
J-Hope: BTS fans 'save' squirrels for K-pop star's birthday
Nuns in India protest alleged rape of a nun by bishop
Trump-Kim summit: How might Kim Jong-un travel to Vietnam?

The Most Relevant

"Seoul ambassadors, nation’s sons, Korean pride."


This is how #BTS paid tribute to South Korea at the Grammys. #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt
This K-pop star is DONE with hate about her 'flat chest':

You do you, Amber Liu!
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Studio Ghibli artist Michiyo Yasuda has died, aged 77.

Some of her legendary work:
#BTSARMY , this one's for you. 💕

What's in store for the princes of K-pop in 2018?


#JIN #JUNGKOOK #V #NamJoon #방탄소년단 #JIMIN
When a K-pop superstar stole the spotlight from US First Lady Melania Trump:
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'Building heaven in a year' - The making of Thailand's royal pyre:

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#BTS fans, have you heard the news? Your idols are gonna be in Asia very soon.

BBC News would like to meet up with members of the Army in the concert venues of Singapore, Hong Kong or Bangkok. Get in touch with our reporters
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