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California-based correspondent for BBC News, reporting from across North America. Ex-Scotland Correspondent.

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“Three thousand people did not die.“

Biting, scathing writing that will make you flinch.

Dundee — city of recovery. From the jute mills, to the Timex dispute, to Grand Theft Auto, to the V&A. A fascinating read.
📷 https://t.co/RhmjqNuBmW @GettyImages@PA@Reuters
A gunman killed five people including his wife before hijacking a car and then shooting himself, say police in Bakersfield, California. https://t.co/711soljSYo
BREAKING Six people are dead, including the suspect, after a gunman went on a killing spree in Bakersfield, California. Police say the shootings were "not random."
BREAKING Forecasters say #Florence “has weakened instead of strengthening” and is now a category two hurricane but it continues to grow in size and remains dangerous. https://t.co/AXNL66QEFU
BREAKING The US is now holding 12,800 migrant children in detention, the highest figure ever recorded, according to the @nytimes https://t.co/7ZSMYEphqE
📷 @Reuters
BREAKING Florence strengthens to a major hurricane as it bears down on the Carolinas. Forecasters warn of catastrophic flooding for days after landfall. https://t.co/NBff6bAKhh
📷 @astro_ricky on the International Space Station
The trade wars of the Trump era are hurting some of the president’s staunchest supporters, as we found in Montana and Wyoming. https://t.co/JSS77aeHeS
Les Moonves, the head of US media giant CBS, quits as allegations of sexual assault and harassment pile up. https://t.co/jHdqL3r449
We travelled to Montana and heard from @BigSky2212 about the damaging impact on US farmers of the Trump trade wars. https://t.co/Ll440JsJ3d
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