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The mothers of two girls murdered in a gangland feud have returned to court to see an application by the killers to reveal the name of a secret witness https://t.co/U3RXeX2r0e
Retailer B&M Bargains has been fined a record £480,000 for repeatedly selling knives to children as young as 14 in east London https://t.co/2lROppcvNN
A man incorrectly listed as the owner of a second council house says the error has cost him "a fortune" in legal fees and missed business opportunities https://t.co/Jft68wROwa
The top 100 names for babies born in 2017 have been announced today, but how popular is your name? Find out: https://t.co/tiOG77pH4X
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A genetics professor at Great Ormond Street Hospital has been killed in a bicycle crash in central London https://t.co/Nemijg3TQr
A councillor who called a cabinet member "as much use as a condom with a hole in it" on Twitter brought the authority into disrepute, a panel says https://t.co/0HsJkGag5Y
Two 15-year-old boys arrested on suspicion of far-right terror offences can be detained for a further six days https://t.co/6kSK3KMDyo
Seven men are jailed for trying to smuggle Albanian migrants in overcrowded boats across the English Channel https://t.co/VGBP79yPmC
A police dog was "out of control" when it repeatedly bit a 73-year-old woman who died days later, an inquest jury concludes https://t.co/kCKTxjLKzw
Commuters react angrily to news train stations will be shut during the final visit to Liverpool of the huge marionettes known as the Giants https://t.co/4NEej8OYdA
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