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Latest Scoops

A three-year-old boy has been seriously injured in a suspected acid attack in a shop in Worcester https://t.co/xzuFcjojMt
Soldiers of the Royal Logistic Corps have received the freedom of an Oxfordshire town https://t.co/SEzhcJ7lqm
Three people have been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the death of a woman who died after a fight outside a seaside bar https://t.co/pWEwurVQT6
A post-mortem examination is due to take place on a man who died in hospital after being shot in Wolverhampton https://t.co/ZTWsNfSmlQ
Fans have been helping Sooty celebrate his 70th birthday in Blackpool - but what’s behind the loveable bear’s enduring popularity? https://t.co/h8T17leJ2r
A rare gold and enamel ring created in memory of Lord Byron following his death in 1824 has sold at auction for thousands of pounds https://t.co/iLv4Km1QnK
The government has admitted "mistakenly" using a spoof poster that suggested parents should shoot children if they had rabies https://t.co/p1fbTiQo5i
A woman has died in hospital after being injured in a fight outside a seaside bar https://t.co/QRvIMsQPcj
A woman was hit with a roof slate, dragged on to a sports pitch and raped in Oldham https://t.co/0GYuj3OSE4
A comedian "humiliated" for using a train's disabled space for her mobility scooter has described another bad experience on the railways https://t.co/yT9vLeTgNs
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