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Bend it ova 🍑 & Buss it Dineeee⬇️ thennn luvah! Wit’cho fineeeee ahhh! You can slow wind for me anytime. Lol 😂❤️🌹(Song: “Control” ft. @tydollasign Off My New EP #foreverandAday Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal & all digital streaming platforms.
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Buddy is in Bali Living His Best Life w/ vibes from 🎶 #foreverandAday EP (Available on all digital streaming platforms NOW) 🎶 that’s all I wanna ever do is create good vibrations for people to enjoy.I ❤️ to see yal vibe/dance/sing to the music. I’ll be 👀 out 4more vids 4rm yal
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Damn that was fast. Yal are awesome! Thanks
Can somebody send me the video i cama across of the dude Dancing in Bali to #foreverandAday so i can repost ?
[Easier said than done cause sometimes a nigxa just wan get lifted off to the 🌒🌬] 😭 Keep Fighting!
🚨🎶New Music🎶🚨 #foreverandAday Ep out now on all digital streaming platforms
“Used To Get High, Just To Get By” -DMX
A lot us as humans suffer in silence & suppress in any way we can to survive. This is a Good Morning Message/Clip to Encourage Anyone who may feel unheard, unseen, or unloved. Your pain makes you beautiful, try not to run from it! 🙏🏽❤️
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I say that with love though. & sidebar; I have never proclaimed to be a “prophet”.
Im just doing MY work .
🤔... if the world was blind.. how many people would you impress ?
🎶New Music 🎶
#foreverandAday EP out on all digital streaming platforms
Go Stream 🎶New Music🎶 & first independent release 🎶 #foreverandAday Ep out now iTunes, Spotify, Tidal & all other digital platforms.

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Geeesh man, that’s a lot of days turned years!
I apologize, life has been such a tornado.
But I’m about to change this. My EP drops on Valentine’s Day! A whole lot of Love vibes to begin the healing. Thankyou your loyalty, all of you!
I have the best fuckin supporters on earth!
I would love to put my album out but DEF JAM is holding it/me hostage because the system is not up & running until next year so they basically dont exist. The label is just TRASH .. I will release free music soon but that has been the hold up. Tell Them to FREE ME 🗣& the Album🗣
Woke up in Dubai w/ this song on my heart... Here’s (& Cheers) to #BlackHistoryMonth & everybody out here fighting the good fight. I see you! &more importantly, GOD see’s you. 🙏🏽❤️🌹
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#foreverandAday EP drops 2/14/19 (Valentines Day) It’s PERSONAL now, I got 3 queens to be looking up to me! Love & Positive vibes only! love conquers darkness.. & this project will be love. i just want the world to feel beautiful. ❤️
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