New GOP plan = Old plan (+24M uninsured) w fewer benefits + insurers can charge for pre-existing conditions. Yikes.
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Getting ready for my #TED2017 talk tonight. If you want to watch, the session is broadcast live in local theaters:
Excellent @ASlavitt op-ed. The core Q GOP can't answer: how will their plan make healthcare better, not worse?
Thank you @Vivek_Murthy for your extraordinary service. Your tenure was far too short.
On the GOP proposal to replace a mandate w automatic enrollment of the uninsured in a free barebones plan
Our new study: SC hospitals completing the checklist-based Safe Surgery program saw 22% drop in post-surgery deaths
Key healthcare story. Just as S&P reports exchange insurers have become profitable, this will send them fleeing.
Zombie GOP proposal would roll back pre-existing condition protections. Imperils #the27percent of adults under 65 who have such conditions.
The fight over surgical hats. My view: patient data say caps aren't plausibly riskier for infection than other types
On the newest push to raise pigs that provide humans with organs for transplant @StatNews
Longest ever personality study suggests you're a different person at age 14 and 77. (ht @qz)
Japanese railways' point-and-call system makes checklists a physical thing w possibly better results: @AtlasObscura
Invaluable checklist for whether the administration is undermining #ACA or not, via @genebsperling @ChrisJenningsDC
GOP wants to try again on ACA repeal - w/o agreement on their goal for making health care better. Back to the start:
.@DLeonhardt has this right.
Reading @TylerCowen The Complacent Class on our increasing econ segregation & stasis. We do need a radical rethink.
A history of why AHCA failed vs why ACA succeeded from the brilliant @haroldpollack: "In a word: insincerity."
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