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Former NASA Astronaut - STS-130, Exp 42/43 - bio:

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That's an impressive technology. Watch a space harpoon impale a piece of space debris via @mashable
Darkness turning blue/
Love is the center of all universe/
I belong to you Earth/
#haiku #withlove Happy #ValentineDay
Farewell #Opportunity- a highlight of my time in space was doing "tele-science" on Mars. With the help of Dr. Jim Rice, my crew selected a rock that the rover sampled! @MarsRovers science has been incredibly inspiring! @AstroSamantha @AntonAstrey
Fun event and great crowd at the @MacombCenter last night! Thanks #Michigan! #NatGeoLive #ViewFromAbove
Food for thought - which sci-fi leaders are the best to imitate? via @astronomyfinest
My favorite views of our STS-130 launch aren't the official cameras, but the home videos that show the excitement and joy of a launch. Fast forward to about 0:50 in this video. #OTD 8 Feb 2010
One of my childhood heroes has died- RIP Frank Robinson. @Orioles #20 #ALMVP #NLMVP #WSMVP #HOF. A great man and a great ball player.
Congrats CJ and Forger on receiving FAA Commercial Astronaut Wings!
@Stuck4ger #FrederickSturckow @virgingalactic
.@NASA highlights 10 breathtaking satellite images of 2018.
Monet painting comes to life in this image of Alaska's Chukchi Sea that was captured by @NASAEarthEarth-obser#LandSat8vi

The Most Relevant

It took me until my last day in space to get a good picture of these!
No chimney up here- so I left powdered milk and freeze dried cookies in the airlock. Fingers crossed...
The view of our Galaxy from space.
The eye of #Maysak typhoon really stands out early in the morning with the shadow being cast deep into the vortex
Happy #EarthDay! Earth is indeed a beautiful place. There is #NoPlaceLikeHome.
I wish I could bring all of you up to see this!
Looking down into the eye - by far the widest one I’ve seen. It seemed like a black hole from a Sci-Fi movie #Maysak
#HappyStPatrickDay with best wishes from the #E43 crew! From space you can see the “Emerald Isle” is very green!
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