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Sen Booker pressing Barr on racial inequities in drug law enforcement
Note Barr’s candor here - he’s not ducking this core line of questioning about how he’ll oversee Mueller, he says he’ll make ultimate calls as A.G., including potentially overruling Mueller.

Senators can assess that as they will.
New: Barr says he would NOT carry out an order from Trump to fire Mueller without cause, and would hold that line even if Trump admin tried to change the DOJ rules governing Mueller (something they could legally try).

to @ChrisCoons
Barr candidly says that things have evolved for independent prosecutors since Nixon era, an apparent reference to greater executive power theories
New: Barr says he will not commit to deferring to all of Mueller’s judgments in Mueller probe
Sen. Coons cites Nixon-Richardson precedent in asking Barr to commit to Mueller’s independence; wrangling ensues.
@vexedinthecity And Jay says he would have signed Lil Wayne but when he called to give Birdman a heads up they sent lawyers arguing tortious interference
Given how Trump treated Jeff Sessions, Durbin goes full T.I. and asks Barr — why take this job, why you wanna go and do that?
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Barr testifying today that he thought Comey cleared his July Clinton announcement w/ DOJ — absurd since Comey said the opposite in that televised bombshell stmt:

“I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way with the DOJ.. They do not know what I am about to say”
Barr flatly says the Russians interfered in the election, something Trump won’t do.
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