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Angus MacKinnon
we can undo the clearances and re people the highlands says professor jim hunter heraldscotland
We can undo the Clearances and re-people the Highlands, says Professor Jim Hunter | HeraldScotland

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expect president trump to take security clearances away from former obama aids expect
Expect #President #Trump to Take #Security #Clearances Away From Former #Obama Aids: Expect…
databases don t scare you come join us as our rights administration manager jobs careers media clearances
Databases don't scare you! Come join us as our Rights Administration Manager: #jobs #careers #media #clearances
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@CNN 2 hours
west point just graduated its largest class of black women it feels incredible i hope that they can look at me
West Point just graduated its largest class of black women.

“It feels incredible. I hope that they can look at me and maybe think that they can do this too…and now there are no limitations on their dreams,” 2nd Lt. Nikiay Comer says about young girls following in her footsteps.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
ex gop lawmaker calls for trump s impeachment
Ex-GOP lawmaker calls for Trump's impeachment
@CNN 3 hours
happy national wine day
The Int'l Spectator
leading exporters of denim 2018 million pakistan 5786 india 4036 china 3674 us 1566 italy 1457 egypt 1176 japa
Leading exporters of denim, 2018. ($ million)

Pakistan: 578.6
India: 403.6
China: 367.4
US: 156.6
Italy: 145.7
Egypt: 117.6
Japan: 93.8
Mexico: 92.8
Thailand: 77.5
Germany: 27.9

(UN Comtrade)
CNN Breaking News
a state highway in colorado is closed indefinitely after a massive rock slide wiped out part of the pavement
A state highway in Colorado is closed indefinitely after a massive rock slide wiped out part of the pavement
new zealand is creating the worlds first well being budget to help with child poverty domestic violence and me
New Zealand is creating the world’s first ‘well-being’ budget to help with child poverty, domestic violence, and mental health
Brian Stelter
remember how much press this got trump ordered the revocation of john brennan s security clearance but the whi
Remember how much press this got? Trump ordered the revocation of John Brennan's security clearance. "But the White House never followed through with the complex bureaucratic work it would have taken to strip the clearance..."
CNN Breaking News
mount agung on the indonesian island of bali erupted spraying lava and rock nearly 2 miles ash fell over dozen
Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali erupted, spraying lava and rock nearly 2 miles. Ash fell over dozens of villages, but no casualties were reported, according to Reuters. Some flights were canceled.
@CNN 47 minutes
these four year old belgian malinoises are retired mine detection dogs who have spent much of their lives work
These four-year-old Belgian Malinoises are retired mine detection dogs who have spent much of their lives working to clear explosives in Syria. Now they're back in the US, working to transition to civilian life in the hopes of finding new homes
@Variety 40 minutes
cannes2019 awards bong joon ho wins the palme d or for parasite
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