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Parliamentary reporter. Politics, finance, and economics for @CdnPress Eng/Fr #cdnpoli #cdnecon

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Canadians make harrowing trek to Haiti airport as Ottawa advises against travel @sidhartha_b reports #cdnpoli
Crown in case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman releases more notes from its meetings with Privy Council Office, rejects allegations of political influence #cdnpoli
SNC-Lavalin downgraded by Standard & Poor's, which cites criminal charges, Saudi Arabia-Canada diplomatic feud #cdnpoli
House of Commons committee to weigh probe of SNC-Lavalin allegations #cdnpoli
Smaller companies fear they'll be unable to pass on carbon tax costs: poll #cdnpoli
Opposition parties push for emergency meeting on SNC-Lavalin case #cdnpoli
Average hourly wage growth in January (year-over-year for permanent employees) picked up its pace to 1.8%, up from 1.5% in December. It's still below its May 2018 peak of 3.9%. #cdnpoli
The unemployment rate also ticked higher last month to 5.8% (from 5.6%) #cdnpoli
Canada added 111,500 private-sector jobs in January -- the biggest monthly increase since Statistics Canada started collecting the data point in 1976.

The Most Relevant

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau just landed in Montreal for election day. #cdnpoli #elxn42
Canada adds 94,100 net new jobs in November; unemployment rate down to 5.6% (its lowest level since Statistics Canada started measuring comparable data more than 40 years ago). #cdnecon
Canada's unemployment rate falls to 5.7% -- its lowest level in >40 years. #cdnecon @CdnPress @CdnPress_Biz
Harper has lost the moral authority to govern, says former PMO lawyer #elxn42 #cdnpoli By @jenditchburn
Trudeau addresses hundreds at vigil in Quebec City #cdnpoli
Hundreds of people gathering in Quebec City for vigil.
Quebec's jobless rate dropped to 6% from 6.6% in May -- its lowest level since StatCan started collecting the data in 1976. #polqc #cdnpoli
Ottawa set to post deficits $8 billion bigger than expected over next 2 years: PBO report #cdnpoli @CdnPress
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