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Writer, working on a book for @AAKnopf. Author of @TheTrueAmerican & #IndiaCalling. Bylines at @NYTimes. Chats at TED & on TV. Husband of @PriyaParker. Father.

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People without kids: Three-day weekends are great like ice cream!

People with kids: Three-day weekends are great like the Ice Age!
Generosity is not a substitute for justice, @jpmorgan.
“The Perfect Home,” brought to you by a bank that may have helped cost you yours in 2008.
Imagine if our country received as much curious, focused supervision from this president as these eggs.
This isn’t the face of a man who delegates omelet making. It’s the face of a man who delegates nearly everything else. But not omelets.
President Trump: “My fellow Americans, we find ourselves amid a grave national emerg — hey, Tony, can you make it a three-egg?”
So inspired by the @forfreedomspac show at th@ICPhotoge in NYC.

Using art to widen the lens on who and what is an American.

Congratulations t@EricGottesmano an@hankwthomasd !

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Stunning new data:

The world’s 2,200 billionaires grew 12 percent wealthier in 2018. Meanwhile, the bottom half of the world got 11 percent poorer.

Don’t be Pinkered into everything’s-getting-better complacency.

The few are monopolizing progress.
But I was wrong, and the story has a moral: Never underestimate the defensiveness of very rich people who believe they’re progressive and who are willing to give back in any way they can — except by surrendering any of their privileges, advantages, or immunities.
So apparently some famous writer was disgraced this week and a venerable literary organization asked me to fill in for him at a dinner to raise money for imperiled writers around the world.

You won’t believe what ensued.
Heading to Silicon Valley soon to pitch my new app:

GoFundMe for things like teachers’ supplies and people’s healthcare expenses, but really done at scale.

Thinking of calling it Government.
Yeah, deleting Facebook is cool, but have you ever tried regulating it?
I interviewed today for , and she got so busy discussing Amazon, taxes, contract law, public housing, facial recognition tech, billionaires, subways, jobs, ICE, wages, working-class New York, the 1920s, and trickle-down economics that clothing never came up.
Tfw when you’re on a panel next to a guy criticizing identity politics — and then you realize it’s actually a manel that embodies the reason identity politics is so necessary.
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Whatever happens tonight, the results suggest a country that is on a knife’s edge — basically 50-50 — on the acceptability of racism, nativism, demagogy, lies, chauvinism, abuse of power, cruelty, and corruption.

This is amazing to watch. It is a reminder that government isn’t intrinsically boring. It’s made boring by boring people — and made interesting with wits and guts.
It is no accident that we are having a conversation, finally, about whether we should even have billionaires in America at the very moment when billionaire encroachment is peaking.
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