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American Idol
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Official Charts
this week s official albums chart is now live and features s new album my happy place her first top 40 entry i
This week's Official Albums Chart is now live - and features @EmmaBunton's new album My Happy Place, her first Top 40 entry in 15 years 😍
Apple Music
sit down to discuss 25 years later run the album back now
.@PeteRock, @REALDJPREMIER, @PLargePro, @FaithNewman19, @Missinfo sit down to discuss @Nas' #Illmatic 25 years later.
Run the album back now:
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CBS Sunday Morning
one of the most popular korean pop groups in the world is known as the first korean act to sell out a us stadi
One of the most popular Korean pop groups in the world is known as @BTS_twt – the first Korean act to sell out a U.S. stadium; to present at the Grammy Awards and to be featured on @TIME Magazine's Most Influential List

@sethdoane goes behind the scenes
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Taylor Nation
same same taylorswift1week
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Star Wars
happy birthday to the chosen one hayden christensen
Happy birthday to the Chosen One, Hayden Christensen!
E! News
@enews 2 hours
scuse me we re crying cause we love you lizzo
'Scuse (m)E!, we're crying 'cause we love you @lizzo.
Official Charts
amp s record breaking single boy with luv debuts in the uk s official top 20 s highest charting song ever
.@BTS_twt & @halsey's record-breaking single Boy With Luv debuts in the UK's Official Top 20, @bts_bighit's highest charting song EVER 💜
The Avengers
one week until marvel studios avengersendgame get your tickets now
One week until Marvel Studios' #AvengersEndgame. Get your tickets now:
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Game Of Thrones
you want their loyalty you have to earn it
You want their loyalty? You have to earn it.
Ari Melber
some parts of this are simple the mueller report and james comeys testimony under oath both document trump ord
Some parts of this are simple:

The Mueller Report and James Comey’s testimony under oath both document Trump ordering illegal prosecution of political opponents.

That is huge.

Comey and Sessions resisted.

If Trump gets away with it, what happens if there’s a next time?
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