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We the people, should be demanding that @realDonaldTrump resigns.

I mean, not really.
@AMarch4OurLives @RepTedDeutch @RepJoeKennedy @NancyPelosi L @RashidaTlaib @RepSwalwell @lucymcbathO @LUnderwood630VE @RepRickLarsen @JoeNeguse @ChrisMurphyCT this so much.

.@iamcardib speaking truth and only has 200k views on this video. https://t.co/5OJYY7BRTX
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Wow, @MayorRGiuliani. What happened to you? I’m old enough to remember a time when you were praised for your leadership in hard times. Now look at you. You’re protecting the worst , most corrupt, President in US History. This will be your legacy. Sad! https://t.co/vRf6xL6EbN
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🚨Today @timesupnw joined @NYGovCuomoin announcing the #TIMESUPNew York Safety Agenda.

Thank you, Gov. Cuomo for your leadership! And we urge NY State Legislature to pass this agenda as soon as possible.
Trump administration separated thousands more migrant children from parents at border than previously known, internal watchdog says ?tid=ss_tw-amp
You’re so inspiring. 🖤
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