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Allen West
did not officer singhs life matter bordercrisis trumpaddress trumpspeech tcot
Did not officer Singh’s life matter? #bordercrisis #TrumpAddress #TrumpSpeech #tcot
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Pamela Geller
democrat hero michael avenatti arrested for alleged 20 million extortion attempt another left wing hero he sho
Democrat hero Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt: Another left-wing hero ..... he should have asked Hillary for some of her Bleachbit. Criminals, pornstars, traitors and Jew-haters.
Donald J. Trump
today it was my great honor to welcome prime minister of israel back to the where i signed a presidential proc
Today, it was my great honor to welcome Prime Minister @netanyahu of Israel back to the @WhiteHouse where I signed a Presidential Proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Read more:
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Dr. Rand Paul
time to investigate the obama officials who concocted and spread the russian conspiracy hoax
Time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax!
Jonathan Swan
the trump campaign is sending this memo to tv producers
The Trump campaign is sending this memo to TV producers:
Aaron Blake
avenatti indictment describes his co conspirator as a california attorney similarly known for representation o
Avenatti indictment describes his co-conspirator as a California attorney "similarly known for representation of celebrity and public figure clients."

That fits with Geragos.
Gavin Newsom
in light of this devastating news please dont hesitate to reach the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1
In light of this devastating news, please don’t hesitate to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
Nancy Pelosi
even a broken clock is right twice a day releasethereport
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. #ReleaseTheReport
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Marco Rubio
reports coming in of electrical blackouts across various areas of again so far not at scale of last one but mo
Reports coming in of electrical blackouts across various areas of #Venezuela again. So far not at scale of last one but more significant than the common daily outages.

Another reminder #MaduroCrimeFamily can still carry out repression but can’t deliver basic services.
Nate Silver
except he was polling at 1 even before fucking up the kavanaugh confirmation for democrats and being charged w
Except he was polling at 1% even *before* fucking up the Kavanaugh confirmation for Democrats and being charged with like 6 zillion crimes.
Hillary Clinton
two realities we must confront 1 climate change won t just affect the coasts 2 climate change is a national se
Two realities we must confront:
1. Climate change won't just affect the coasts.
2. Climate change is a national security issue.
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