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Works at MSNBC. Fmr Al Jazeera & CNN reporter & anchor. Unlike Obama, I really AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. Raised in Canada

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How Businesses (Including Yours) Can Step Up During the Shutdown | https://t.co/Ux7244p6eE https://t.co/tFZiTrZFX1
I’m in for Brian tonight on @11thHour 11pET
As shutdown drags on, some step up to help unpaid federal workers - The New York Times https://t.co/DJ5dO0L2Ka
How the shutdown is jeopardizing housing for rural Americans https://t.co/OAOciSLQOa
“We don’t all have television shows. But we can do things like reward the companies that show flexibility with our trade and withhold it from those who turn their backs on people.” - ⁦@ErikSherman⁩ @Forbes https://t.co/9noreFmoOp
@JohnLegere Well if you didn’t stay at the Trump hotel the day after you announced a merger requiring administration approval, there would be ZERO attention paid to your hotel choices. Let’s not play the “I’m not trying to get attention” card.
Rep. Steve King crossed the line on race by using a bullhorn, not a dog whistle https://t.co/qaasTYpjgq
The Sioux City Journal calls for the racist Steve King’s resignation https://t.co/Pa0yCuA8AN via @scj
The Des Moines Register calls for the racist Steve King’s resignation “for the good of Iowa” https://t.co/MZN22isFZz via @DMRegister
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