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  3. china has been preparing for a trade war for over a decade
China Has Been Preparing For A Trade War For Over A Decade https://t.co/2BTonfoOin
China Has Been Preparing For A Trade War For Over A Decade https://t.co/2BTonfoOin


Tom Mitchell: The surest way for China to trigger large investments from European and Japanese companies would be to negotiate ambitious trade agreements with Brussels and Tokyo. https://t.co/tx4qUmgGuA
"#Economists have voiced concerns about #trade and #tariffs as risks to economic growth over the next 12 months. For #consumers, however, the issue isn't registering": https://t.co/TXtF8ytyoA #ConsumerConfidence #economy #recovery #tradewarwar
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China says it’s hard for trade talks proceed with the US holding ‘a knife to its neck’ https://t.co/yTeyTLBcIG
General discontent among the Chinese middle class may for the moment give the United States the advantage in the trade dispute with China, but if escalation continues public opinion could easily turn in Beijing’s favor.
But I’m not so worried about big businesses. I’m worried about the small businesses lik @RandomRowBeere , the Va farmers harvesting their soybeans amid uncertainty and low prices, and the consumers who will pay the price for this President’s trade war out of their own wallets.
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