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China Has Been Preparing For A Trade War For Over A Decade https://t.co/2BTonfoOin
China Has Been Preparing For A Trade War For Over A Decade https://t.co/2BTonfoOin


"For foreign fund managers, the most obvious competitive niche is helping to connect Chinese onshore money with global capital markets. But China still maintains tight control over outbound flows of portfolio capital."


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Markets rally as hopes for breakthrough in US-China trade dispute rise https://t.co/zJKz2N56gM
As this post could've made much clearer, nearly all of this possible #China retaliation for the #Huawei arrest has many precedents: https://t.co/7AzrA6V5i4 #MengWanzhou #tech #tradewar #techwarwar
Pres. Trump is picking a fight in search of a problem that doesn’t exist. Apprehensions are nearing historic lows, yet border security spending is at an all-time high. Even after passing over $1B for border security last year, only 6% has been used. MORE: https://t.co/huM3T6yk9N
China preparing plan to increase access for foreign companies: WSJ https://t.co/xjGiUJEcxY
Iron ore makes gains as copper falls amid start to China-US trade talks - After an agreement was made at the recent G-20 meeting, the U.S. hit pause on plans to boost tariffs on some Chinese products from 10% to 25% for 90 days starting Dec. 1.  https://t.co/EwAfIH8ki8
2018 has been momentous for Hematology/Oncology—so stay tuned for our #Bestof2018 articles, including this top story: New Drug May Be a Game Changer for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients https://t.co/IWoq3WO357 via @cityofhope #leusm #wbw
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