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Here is another way the WH hides from the public during the shutdown. As of tonight the Wednesday schedule shows all of Trump’s events are closed press. That means no questions about the shutdown unless the WH opens up these meetings to reporters. FYI he had no open events today.
The last WH briefing was more than a month ago, before the shutdown began. Sanders has not taken one question from the podium about a shutdown that has impacted millions of Americans. We have to catch her in the driveway after her hits on Fox. So the briefing room sits empty.
CNN: Due to shutdown, agents working a multi-year MS-13 investigation have resorted to conference calls to communicate with Spanish-speaking sources. https://t.co/Cl5s41FKLW
Very exciting to see the film "Roma" generating so much buzz. The first indigenous woman to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, Yalitza Aparicio is wonderful in this movie. https://t.co/0oOroKsPoy
As the government shutdown entered a second month, dozens of anonymous FBI officials shared similar stories detailing how a lack of funding has impacted operations across the country and world.https://t.co/Xl8SW6Eotm
CNN: FBI has lost several informants who had penetrated target groups at the center of terrorism investigations, a joint terrorism task force coordinator said anonymously in a report released Tuesday by the FBI Agents Association. via @daveshortell and @SchneiderCNN
Trump could deliver his State of the Union away from the Capitol and might even do a rally, senior official confirms. “Contingencies need to be planned,” official says.
Flashback: Didn’t you kill DACA? https://t.co/EhIKR7Z0Qt
It should be noted that news outlets are sworn to secrecy about these kinds of trips, like the one Trump recently took to Iraq. If a news outlet revealed Trump was headed to Iraq ahead of time, there would be hell to pay.https://t.co/DXwxRS67Gz
Pelosi’s office says her delegation tried to continue with Afghanistan trip by flying commercial but that Trump letter exposed the group and US troops to “danger” by disclosing the travel plans.
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