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step 1 cleanse 2x daily step 2 exfoliate every 3rd day step 3 moisturize after every cleanse step 4 apply eye
Step 1 Cleanse (2x Daily)
Step 2 Exfoliate (Every 3rd Day)
Step 3 Moisturize (After Every Cleanse)
Step 4 Apply Eye Cream (Daily)
Step 5 Wear SPF (Daily)
Step 6 Drink #Water (Daily)
Step 7 Try to be Happy and Reduce Stress (Daily)
#Goals #Glowingskin
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Health / Wellness

Eden Project
love the pattern on this sanchezia speciosa
Love the pattern on this Sanchezia speciosa.
Bible Time
happy moments praise god difficult moments seek god quiet moments worship god difficult moments trust god ever
Happy moments: Praise God

Difficult moments: Seek God

Quiet moments: Worship God

Difficult moments: Trust God

Every moment: Thank God
Pfizer Inc.
join us in recognizing the aml community on aml world awareness day knowaml fightaml
Join us 🤝 in recognizing the #AML community on AML World Awareness Day. #KnowAML #FightAML
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this week thousands of indigenous peoples are meeting in the capital of brazil to fight for their rights stand
This week, thousands of Indigenous Peoples are meeting in the capital of Brazil to fight for their rights.
Stand with the guardians of the forest. Reply to this tweet with a message of solidarity.

#SavetheAmazon #NoforestNolife #Terralivre
Got Jesus?
don t worry it never helps anything pray trust god let it go
Don't worry; it never helps anything.
• Pray
• Trust God
• Let it go
Got Jesus?
i m a christian i m not perfect just because i mess up sometimes doesn t mean i m fake there s no such thing a
I'm a Christian. I'm not perfect. Just because I mess up sometimes doesn't mean I'm fake. There's no such thing as a perfect Christian.
Inspirational Quotes
don t count the days make the days count muhammad ali
Don't count the days, make the days count. -Muhammad Ali
Josh Gerstein
amazing to see a former federal prosecutor take this stand sounds like he d support adding a public interest e
Amazing to see a former federal prosecutor take this stand. Sounds like he'd support adding a 'public interest' exemption to the #EspionageAct provisions used to prosecute leaks. This'll also be talking point for Assange defenders
Inspirational Quotes
i m sad hurt angry mad disappointed but you know what i ll put on a happy face and move on it will hurt but i
I'm sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed. But you know what? I'll put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt but I will survive.
Amazing Grace
be more concerned with your character than your reputation
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
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