4 states that border Mexico are included in the Trump admin. proposal _ California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. https://t.co/aoV7FXM8ak
Latest Scoops
Egypt government and its most prominent Muslim institution in fight over who speaks for Islam as Pope set to visit. https://t.co/hKOEMfd8tO
The Latest: France links sarin gas used in Syria to Syrian President Bashar Assad's government. https://t.co/tDrzDEkCkT
Trump's style of speaking is challenging language scholars to parse his distinctive oratory, @sedensky reports. https://t.co/cKe81kUF7D
RAW VIDEO: U.S. and South Korean troops hold live-fire exercises. https://t.co/jeTT7X5jI3
BREAKING: French foreign minister says sarin gas used in Syria attack bears chemical 'signature' of the regime.
Viral videos showing alleged abuse by Indian forces is renewing anger among Kashmiris, @hussain_aijaz writes. https://t.co/hieU4b2djt
Venezuela threatens to quit the OAS as pressure on President Maduro mounts. By @fisanchezn and @APjoshgoodman. https://t.co/M4P696Zigx
China's rare milu deer return to site where more than a century before its forebears died out, @louise_watt writes. https://t.co/XUU80huWoA
U.S. Navy fires a warning flare toward an Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessel in the Persian Gulf. https://t.co/7itNqN7b4s
Cuba weathers the storm of political unrest rocking Venezuela but the future looks uncertain, @mweissenstein writes. https://t.co/z1rQnMReub
Japan's disaster reconstruction minister resigns over remark about 2011 tsunami, @mariyamaguchi reports. https://t.co/EI8V6QRX6t
Thai man upset with his wife hangs their 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live and then kills himself, police say. https://t.co/fU7x4sZpcN
Lawsuit filed against Fox News Channel accuses the network of allowing racial discrimination, @dbauder writes. https://t.co/TZeHceAyDQ
China launches its first domestically-built aircraft carrier, will likely be formally commissioned by 2020. https://t.co/MVMfxPO2ap
BREAKING: Chinese state media say China has launched its 2nd aircraft carrier and 1st domestically built.
Venezuela threatens to withdraw from Organization of American States over what it sees as meddling in its affairs. https://t.co/BivFbtnbic
BREAKING: Venezuela's foreign minister threatens to withdraw from the Organization of American States.
Mexico's foreign relations secretary says building a wall on US border would be "hostile" act with consequences. https://t.co/Y6PoMZnXk4
Brazil police arrest part of gang of 50 whose robbery of Paraguayan company's vault used grenades, explosives. https://t.co/37mIe7zRaw
Tennessee girl kidnapped by teacher had been physically abused by her mother for months, court documents say. https://t.co/HiRFrZb7LE
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