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Latest Scoops
Deaths are reported and dozens are taken to hospitals after a tornado hits a small city in Texas, authorities say. https://t.co/l9JsE9rPnf
Marine biologist says killer whales have gone an unprecedented killing spree in California's Monterey Bay. https://t.co/njqOk1w1ZG
Trump believes China has been putting pressure on North Korea as it pursues missile and nuclear weapons programs. https://t.co/gLyqjjdoo0
High rent may doom a Catholic chapel that survived 9/11, @1karenmatthews reports. https://t.co/3Pqu4ZioQP https://t.co/NEfTL6cvqU
Airstrikes hit center of Syria's rescuers known as the White Helmets in a rebel-held area, killing 8 volunteers. https://t.co/8iorPu70nn
A New Jersey man who defends child sex abuse as an act of civil disobedience has been sentenced to 46 years. https://t.co/VuasaAy61G
BREAKING: British boxing star Anthony Joshua knocks out Wladimir Klitschko in action-packed heavyweight title brawl. https://t.co/q9UwpZIGlQ
BREAKING: Cuban military plane reportedly crashes in the western province of Artemisa, killing 8. By @mweissenstein. https://t.co/jmgFFoPEe1
Hacker claims to follow through on threat to release new episodes of Netflix series 'Orange Is The New Black.' https://t.co/0yDl7NDae1
RT @AP_Europe: Swedish cows in a great moooo-d as summer pastures open. https://t.co/G0V90efMnQ @DavidKeyton
Crowds across U.S. mark President Trump's 100th day in office by marching in protest of his environmental policies. https://t.co/a35POcLH8P
Prestigious Conn. boarding school says 2 trustees resign after report alleges teachers sexually abused students. https://t.co/0BxbBYCC1R
On Day 100 in office, President Trump to visit Pennsylvania to talk tough on trade, hold rally. SENT: https://t.co/Bkx1wNejm9
Pope Francis departs Egypt at the end of a historic, 2-day visit defined by calls for Christian-Muslim unity. https://t.co/Oj0XzgQc2P
Los Angeles jail adapts amid meth-fueled rise in mentally ill inmates. https://t.co/VmppVLOobQ
When it comes to avoiding conflicts of interest, #Trump has ripped up playbook in first 100 days. @BernardFCondon: https://t.co/NkPx5nH7DP
In first 100 days, President Trump has been startlingly candid about his education in ways of Washington, world. https://t.co/HUUfRysAdO
Body found in Grand Canyon National Park believed to be teen hiker; step-grandmother still missing. https://t.co/jgnkZs4Aif
EU Council president: EU leaders endorse guidelines that will govern Britain's exit from bloc.
BREAKING: Summit chairman says EU leaders unanimously adopt Brexit negotiating guidelines
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