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U.S. wants drug prices in TV ads: "Patients deserve to know." https://t.co/ZGItipgOUP
One year after MeToo hashtag set Twitter ablaze, survivors who shared their stories reflect on what movement means to them. https://t.co/lw4rMTN8lv
Judge tosses Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against Trump. https://t.co/0Vb7HwMlsR
U.S. budget deficit hits highest level in six years. https://t.co/u6pLkxU7pR
#ICMYI -- With just a few weeks left until the midterm elections, on @APGroundGame, we're talking about the fight for this year's most coveted voters: suburban women. https://t.co/FvfXNsznAw or https://t.co/NCl9ckgRqp
Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with his childhood friend Bill Gates, is dead at 65. https://t.co/Oj8uhuHJQm
BREAKING: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died at 65.
Q&A: What shoppers need to know about Sears' bankruptcy. https://t.co/gAl9HwLvdg
Rains that swept in off the Mediterranean triggered flash floods that tore through towns in southwest France, leaving a trail of death and destruction. @johnleicester reports https://t.co/myGdtl68Uk?
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PHOTOS: Scenes of devastation in Florida following Hurricane Michael.
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