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Latest Scoops
BREAKING: Malaysian police say one suspect in VX poisoning of Kim Jong Nam was sickened, vomited after attack.
BREAKING: Malaysian police say airport where Kim Jong Nam killed with nerve agent will be decontaminated, 11 days after attack.
Official: Reince Priebus asked FBI to dispute reports that Trump's campaign advisers were in touch with Russia. https://t.co/50MlpxEHcr
Caitlyn Jenner calls Trump decision on transgender students "a disaster" in new video posted to Twitter: https://t.co/u1OZIeYCGK'
Philippine senator and major critic of President Duterte is arrested on drug charges. https://t.co/24QSnZooRy
Malaysian police say half brother of North Korean leader had nerve agent VX on his face when he was killed: https://t.co/qjJNsCK00Y
White House adviser Steve Bannon emphasizes business deregulation in CPAC appearance. https://t.co/gAkFeXdWMJ
BREAKING: Police say the half brother of North Korea's leader who was killed in a Malaysian airport had nerve agent on his face.
Salvadoran woman with brain tumor was taken from hospital and returned to Texas immigration detention center. https://t.co/8yNFddForI
Witnesses say man shouted "get out of my country" before killing one man and injuring two at Kansas bar. https://t.co/u8Tl7zhloq
Attorney General Sessions rescinds Obama-era memo intended to reduce federal government use of private prisons. https://t.co/97xQIsuN3v
BREAKING: Attorney General Jeff Sessions signals support for private prisons, rescinds memo meant to phase out their use.
St. Louis, Mo. passes law barring discrimination based on "reproductive health decisions." https://t.co/8MLDsLIW6D
6-year-old boy dies, six others injured after SUV smashes into the lobby of a Alabama dentist's office. https://t.co/95yBKYH8Qz
Two men in South Dakota charged with illegally baiting mountain lions with deer carcasses. https://t.co/xTtnK7AS4Y
As the nation becomes increasingly unlivable, a recent survey found 88 pct. of young Venezuelans want to emigrate. https://t.co/BDdIuGp1fL
Homeland Security Secretary Kelly: No mass deportations or use of military in Trump's immigration crackdown. https://t.co/rfkvfegrn3
Former House Speaker John Boehner predicts that full repeal and replacement of 'Obamacare' is 'not going to happen' https://t.co/d0DnD9GASR
BREAKING: US Homeland Security Secretary Kelly vows `no mass deportations,' no use of US military in immigration enforcement.
AP VIDEO: President Trump says the US has 'no good deals' with other countries to yield a trade surplus. https://t.co/Vbthf56DwD
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