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Among #AP10ThingstoKnow: The 'Queen of soul' Aretha Franklin empowered women with her anthems; Trump rebuked for yanking security Clearances; female veterans campaigning for change in Congress. https://t.co/HlcIw78yU0
Large pieces of rubble removed 3 days after bridge collapse. https://t.co/JgfWE7bEOZ
Counterterrorism official says Islamic State group is newest, deadliest front in Pakistan's decades-old war on terror. By @Kathygannon. https://t.co/jFjrFrWXfG
Merkel, Putin share a headache: Donald Trump. https://t.co/mkqAW7oJl9
VIDEO: Fans gathered outside New York's famed Apollo Theater to remember Aretha Franklin. https://t.co/vLThQOiaMp
Arikayn, a rock band made up of Afghan immigrants, is struggling to strike the right note in Iran while facing discrimination. https://t.co/idcw0XGGih
Afghan president visits key city, week after Taliban raid. https://t.co/DIKxK1iUiB
Tesla's Musk says stress, overwork taking heavy toll, but he stands by his tweet on taking company private. https://t.co/VY1B5k93zm
VIDEO: Jim Mattis says the Taliban offensive on Ghazni, Afghanistan will likely continue at least until the country holds elections in October. https://t.co/8o1j1PdliD
Peruvians with decades wondering about loved ones who disappeared during years of bloody conflict finally give them a proper burial. Photos by @RodrigoabdAbd. https://t.co/X1X3NZVhYI
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