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Latest Scoops

Why are so many people dying on the streets of the UK? @AJStream takes a look at the issue live on YouTube. Join the conversation https://t.co/CZLRb6knNk
France ban on face veil "violates" women's rights, says UN panel in a landmark ruling https://t.co/D3X17I1UNn
The planned Sumatra dam project could threaten this rare species of orangutan.
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Japanese journalist captured in Syria freed after three years of captivity https://t.co/klti8sJqtG
In a crime-riddled South African community, this group decided to administer its own brand of justice - and demand is growing despite its controversial methods https://t.co/ctOdMhaPX7
India's Assam shuts down over government plans to make it easier for Hindus, Buddhists and Christians to get citizenship - while excluding Muslims https://t.co/yQ4hrW9r4A
All aboard! From cancer screenings to life-saving surgery, this hospital train travels across rural India to treat patients with no other hope of medical care https://t.co/BAMoGJoLXo
Turkey's President Erdogan promised to reveal the "naked truth" today about #JamalKhashoggi. Here's the full speech: https://t.co/N8zZWXUiIh
As the US-bound migrant caravan continues to swell in numbers, President Trump has a number of ideas of where they came from: MS-13, Middle East, the Democrats...
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Turkish President Erdogan broke his silence on #JamalKhashoggi today. Here's what he had to say:
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