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Latest Scoops

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh blocked from entering the US https://t.co/AxUIlKDLSW
India's BJP is trailing against opposition in key states, as local election counting begins https://t.co/b1cH6M2Dit #Results2018 #AssemblyElections2018
Iraq's traditional pottery is a struggling business as more people turn to plastics.
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This graphic novel tells the story of children being accused of witchcraft in Nigeria https://t.co/yVGgo51jae
Last week, a CNN pundit delivered a speech at the UN in support of Palestinian self-determination and equal rights.

Less than 24 hours later, CNN was done with Marc Lamont Hill https://t.co/E3jwify3Q6 [Via @AJListeningPost]
How fear of witchcraft is ruining young lives in Nigeria https://t.co/R1ncTWDad1
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In Istanbul, plastic is now a form of currency for metro users.
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How a Chinese rubber firm is threatening the livelihoods of indigenous communities in Cameroon https://t.co/bpSzTwULpi
France's President Emmanuel Macron announces 'immediate and concrete measures' to respond t #YellowVestso ' grievanchttps://t.co/wBnklViR4aes
@AJIunit Exposing the close ties between violent extremists and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party. @AJIunit investigates France’s far-right. Follow the story ahttps://t.co/a1kUXik1EDt #GenerationHate | https://
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