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Latest Scoops

Qatar 1996 coup plot: New details reveal Saudi-UAE backing https://t.co/yBjpMNVpPn
Yemen's war: Clashes continue in Hodeidah ahead of ceasefire https://t.co/6IUiJqEsBw
The United States carries out regular air strikes in Somalia in support of a UN-backed government there, which has been fighting against an al-Shabab rebellion for years. https://t.co/iFzoXKqcc6
1MDB scandal: Malaysia files charges against Goldman Sachs https://t.co/ngLQT93QRx
Indian court convicts Sajjan Kumar over 1984 anti-Sikh riots https://t.co/8D9JMdCXwQ
Fifth victim dies after Strasbourg Christmas market attack https://t.co/iGuxIGEkwg
The talks come among an uptick in violence by the armed group against Afghan security forces and civilians. https://t.co/TDp4LdWteD
Michael Spavor, a businessman was detained along with another Canadian national shortly after Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada on December 1. https://t.co/mbriQBZuML
Justin Trudeau: Canada looking for way out of Saudi arms deal https://t.co/9lXF83gRM4
Bad weather delays hunt for Lion Air jet's black box https://t.co/jBBEjyPxq0
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