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Latest Scoops

Floods tear through Spain, leaving a firefighter dead. https://t.co/5qV5A1NYnd
BREAKING: A Saudi team allegedly involved in Jamal Khashoggi's killing are reported to have brought a body double of the journalist. https://t.co/kfZueUJ6Km
Over 100 left-affiliated organisations will hold week-long protests across the country against what they allege is a "corrupt" deal favouring one of India's richest industrialists. https://t.co/98kU9rPpsc
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin will seek clarification about Trump's plans to withdraw from a nuclear arms-control deal. https://t.co/2oSZvyLdWW
Report: Turkish authorities believe at least part of Jamal Khashoggi's body was smuggled out of Turkey by one of Mohammed bin Salman's bodyguards. https://t.co/H3wlWPw0vg
"Al-Baqura and al-Ghumar are Jordanian land and will remain Jordanian." - Jordan to reclaim lands leased to Israel under a peace treaty. https://t.co/pIzFrybJJy
"To the spouses, partners, wives, husbands, children, who have dealt with the consequences of the abuse, cover-ups and obstruction. Sorry. To generations past and present. Sorry." - Australia acknowledges sex abuse by state institutions. https://t.co/7urQUYD6Mb
Taiwan investigates train crash that killed 18, injured 187 - worst rail accident in a quarter century https://t.co/OYJIzA2FEx
Chinese media blast Pompeo's 'malicious' Latin America comments on creating debt traps in other countries https://t.co/49jrR50Yef
Egypt arrests an economist after the publication of a book in which he critically analysed the country's economic and social crises. https://t.co/tlsBZpA950
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