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#UPDATE EU leaders rebuffed a plea by Theresa May to help her sell her Brexit deal to parliament, warning she must set out exactly what she wants -- and announcing they would step up contingency plans in case the deal collapsehttps://t.co/pDCV75lduGs
For two decades, Donald Trump could count on the backing of his close friend David Pecker, publisher of the tabloid the National Enquirer.

No longer https://t.co/jkSwxEV7Bp
A growing alliance of Mexican drug cartels and dissident FARC guerrillas is opening up a new front in Colombia's deadly war on drugs, Human Rights Watch warns https://t.co/8uc1Gjsjvl
VIDEO: Cancelled orders and delayed deliveries -- these are some of the difficulties faced by fishermen in France's Brittany region as the effects of "yellow vest" protests hit various sectors of the French economy
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Apple unveiled plans for a $1 billion campus in Texas that will create jobs for the tech giant outside Silicon Valley, a move made without the fanfare of the recent Amazon headquarters bidding war https://t.co/xyNTnlhTfS
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, flew higher than it ever has before, surpassing what the US Air Force considers the boundary of space and marking the first manned flight to space from US soil since 2011 https://t.co/mmuNVDIrYE
#BREAKING EU steps up planning for Brexit no deal, says Juncker
Brazil's president-elect Jair Bolsonaro and his family faced growing scrutiny as a government financial crimes unit questioned transactions to and from his son's former aide totaling $300,000 https://t.co/0pyGBukrIn
New York state authorities announced a lawsuit against retail giants Walmart and Target for selling Chinese-made toys that had up to 10 times the legal limit of lead https://t.co/Z8GB7u2fyT
#BREAKING "Peace is possible" in Yemen, says US State Department
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