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#UPDATE Donald Trump has revoked the security clearance of former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, warning several other prominent critics they too risk being blacklistehttps://t.co/Q3Z0yTme2wd
Branded "enemy of the people" by Donald Trump, the US news media is responding with a campaign aimed at countering the president's narrative and highlighting the importance of a free press https://t.co/wSfKKItnWC
VIDEO: More than 100 tons of dead sea creatures have been shoveled up from deserted beaches in tourist areas along Florida's southwest coast in this month alone
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VIDEO: Over the past decade, world rubber prices skyrocketed only to quickly slump to the point where they are a fifth of what they once were due to a glut in the market, with many Ivorian producers seeing their profits disappear https://t.co/oIBj4ROGIz
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#UPDATE A Libyan court has sentenced to death by firing squad 45 militiamen for killing demonstrators in Tripoli during the 2011 uprising against dictator Moamer Kadhafi, says the justice ministrhttps://t.co/LbjC42AJSdy
VIDEO: A group of Mexican women known as "Las Patronas" cook every day and distribute food and water to hungry Latin American migrants who pass through Mexico to reach the United States on the lethal freight train known as "The Beast" https://t.co/7CzOhFCt93
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Florida has declared a state of emergency as the worst red tide in a decade blackens the ocean water, killing dolphins, sea turtles and fish at a relentless pace https://t.co/0jMI8l8Elo
A member of the Moroccan women's football team took advantage of being on tour in Spain to abscond, despite her visa expiring https://t.co/H1Tcwqw7a2
A member of a Catholic agency walks through shoes displayed outside Westminster Cathedral in central London to promote Pope Francis' refugee campaign, which is calling for world leaders to back global agreements aimed at assisting refugees and migrants
#UPDATE Italy's government blamed the firm that operated the collapsed Genoa bridge for the disaster that killed at least 39 people, as it announced a state of emergency in the cithttps://t.co/BuebemnVcgy
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