BREAKING: The ACLU just filed a brief arguing that the government needs a warrant to search devices at the border
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Looking through everything on someone’s phone is not the same as looking inside a bag. via @USATOpinion
Congress is sacrificing the privacy of Americans to protect the profits of major internet companies. Our statement:
BREAKING: Congress votes to gut #broadbandprivacy protections.
BREAKING: Congress votes to gut #broadbandprivacy protections.
The Guantánamo military commissions continue to undermine basic principles of American justice.
We stand with @SaraRamirez in fighting to #StopSB6 in Texas and ensure trans people are treated with the dignity & respect they deserve.
California chief justice blasts immigration crackdown, says rule of law is ‘being challenged’
House floor vote on #SJR34 expected to start at noon ET. Still time to call your rep! #Broadbandprivacy
Good morning! Have you called your rep yet and told them to vote no on #SJR34 ? #BroadbandPrivacy
ACLU affiliates are fighting back as Trump tries to bully police departments into joining his deportation force
Three reasons why courts must consider campaign statements when ruling on major public policies like the Muslim ban.
Deleted and updated to give those who want to help opportunity!
haha decided to give people opp to take action too!
Cool! For those who care about other people, here's how you can help!
What are the risks for municipalities of joining Trump’s deportation force? We’re reaching out to explain.
We will continue to stand with police and municipal officals in court to defend those lawful choices. #seekingsanctuary
Trump administration shouldn't try to scare local authorities into taking illegal actions that undermine public safety. #seekingsanctuary
Despite the Trump administration’s bluster and threats, the federal government cannot coerce local police into becoming deportation agents.
ACLU Comment on Trump Administration Threat to Block Sanctuary City Funding #seekingsanctuary
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Tweet at us once you call your representative to tell them to vote "no" on #SJR34, and let us know their response! #Broadbandprivacy
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