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  3. on week one, donald trump suffered his first loss in court.
On week one, Donald Trump suffered his first loss in court.


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Pope Francis is looking to leave the sex abuse scandal buffeting his papacy behind as he heads to Central America amid a standoff over President Donald Trump’s promised wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and a new caravan of migrants heading north. | @AP https://t.co/iCOjon7ksL
Other than his single-minded pursuit of a border wall, President Trump has all but put on hold advancing the rest of his agenda. It has become, as one administration official put it, a one-issue White House. https://t.co/gra71tBZrj
The 28-year-old man accused of killing Assistant Federal Public defender Nancy Bergeson in her Southwest Portland home nine years ago made his first appearance in court Tuesday since his arrest late last week.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has one word for Donald Trump: "Resign." https://t.co/dZu3Dx4Zuh
Report: On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court authorized President Donald Trump's administration to block the recruitment of transgender military personnel pending the outcome of litigation on the sensitive issue

.@Lawrence: "Are you 'exasperated' with Rudy Giuliani? If you are your not alone."

Politico reports that the Trump lawyer "has a growing list of enemies in the White House — which now includes his boss, President Donald Trump." https://t.co/u8Moz1PCC3
Mike Braun was in Michiana today, but his first legislative priority back in Washington will be to try and make sure the next government shutdown would be dramatically different than the current one by sponsoring a bill called “No Budget, No Pay.”

Actress Alyssa Milano is feeling the heat in her Twitter mentions after she compared the red "Make America Great Again" hat promoted by President Donald Trump's campaign and worn by his supporters to the white hood worn by the Ku Klux Klan. https://t.co/cCvPdhTZqy
Sen. Joni Ernst says she was interviewed by then-candidate Donald Trump to be his running mate, but "turned down" the chance because of her strained marriage with her husband, who "hated" her success, according to court records in her divorce case. https://t.co/CKjbA8rZ8Q
Happy 14th Anniversary to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump!
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