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Anderson Cooper 360°
anita hill to nyt biden s i m sorry is not enough cnn s anderson cooper speaks with nyt s sheryl gay stolberg
Anita Hill to NYT: Biden's 'I'm sorry' is not enough

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with NYT's Sheryl Gay Stolberg, who interviewed Anita Hill after she reportedly spoke to former VP Joe Biden about their 1991 encounter during the Supreme Court hearing for Justice Clarence Thomas.

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CNN Breaking News
wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas asks anita hill for apology hill says no
Wife of Supreme Court Justice #Clarence #Thomas asks #Anita #Hill for #apology; Hill says no
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AFP news agency
breaking oil prices jump 6 as trump says iran made very big mistake
#BREAKING Oil prices jump 6% as Trump says Iran made 'very big mistake'
ITV News
@itvnews 54 minutes
boris johnson and jeremy hunt through to final round of tory leadership contest
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt through to final round of Tory leadership contest
AFP news agency
breaking defying trump us senate votes to block saudi arms sales
#BREAKING Defying Trump, US Senate votes to block Saudi arms sales
Reuters Top News
top democrat pelosi us has no appetite to go to war with iran
Top Democrat Pelosi: U.S. has no appetite to go to war with Iran
Jennifer Bendery
anyway amazon will pay 0 in taxes on 11200000000 in profit for 2018
Anyway, Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018
CNN International
a rare formation of wave shaped clouds wowed onlookers at virginia s smith mountain lake on tuesday
A rare formation of wave-shaped clouds wowed onlookers at Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake on Tuesday
The Hill
@thehill 37 minutes
putin warns war between us and iran would be catastrophe after us military drone shot down
Putin warns war between US and Iran would be "catastrophe" after US military drone shot down
Israel Defense Force
the idf just completed the most extensive exercise in the past two years where israels ground forces air force
The IDF just completed the MOST EXTENSIVE exercise in the past two years, where Israel’s Ground Forces, Air Force, & Navy ALL participated in a large-scale military maneuver, training for potential combat & practicing urban warfare.

This is readiness.
This is the IDF.
@MSNBC 55 minutes
watch pentagon releases video it says shows the us drone being shot down by iran
WATCH: Pentagon releases video it says shows the US drone being shot down by Iran.
CNN International
george takei was sent to us internment camps during wwii he says the country is operating concentration camps
George Takei was sent to US internment camps during WWII. He says the country is operating concentration camps again:
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