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Nayda Alvarez has lived near the border for 40+ yrs., tells @andersoncooper she's never seen anyone try to illegally cross from Mexico.
"I see no emergency ... only emergency that is out there is a man-made emergency created by someone at the White House."
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He started with China, moved to the UK, then discussed Syria.
What took Trump so long to get to his declaration?
"#KeepingThemHonest, it took the President 5 minutes ... before actually announcing the emergency declaration, which doesn't exactly scream urgency." - @andersoncooper
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"It's a significant development."
Fmr. U.S. Attorney @PreetBharara on prosecutors having evidence of Roger Stone communicating w/ WikiLeaks.
"It brings us closer to the question of whether or not there was coordination" b/t the Trump campaign and Russia.
"We fought the Revolutionary War not to have King George or his successor and this is the action of a king."
Democrat @RepCohen on the specter of President Trump declaring a national emergency to build his wall.
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Legendary journalist @carlbernstein: There's so much we still don't know about the Trump campaign and White House's relationship with Russia and Russians.

What we do know is "everybody involved including the President... has lied and lied and lied about everything."
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.@MaxBoot: If Fox News turned on Donald Trump -- we don't know what would happen.

That "could actually imperil his presidency. Clearly he thinks that Fox News has leverage because he is very, very eager to propagate Fox News."
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Democrat @RepAdamSchiff: President Trump doesn't care at all whether his emergency declaration "passes constitutional muster... He also doesn't care what happens when it gets challenged in the courts."
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Democrat @RepAdamSchiff: "If it was an emergency every time a President... couldn't get what they wanted from Congress, we would be in a constant state of emergency. It's the worst possible case and it will fail."
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Jim @acosta: This is shaping up to be a campaign promise emergency for the President
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.@andersoncooper: Today the President turned his back on the Constitution and his own words.

Call it his inability to fulfill a campaign promise, or to negotiate with Congress, or his dissatisfaction with the outcome, he made his political difficulties a national emergency.
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The Most Relevant

"Let me be clear.... the people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, fought back against more injustice... than our President ever has" Anderson Cooper choked back tears as he reflected on his relationship with Haiti, and its people
"The idea I am kneeling in water to make it look deep is idiotic."

debunks the lies being spread by Donald Trump Jr., and others who falsely claimed he and his team exaggerated the severity of Hurricane Florence. #KeepingThemHonest
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An #Orlando attack survivor who hid in the bathroom during the shooting shares his terrifying ordeal:
"They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who were loved." - @andersoncooper #Orlando
Former President Obama: “Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t matter… and if you thought elections don’t matter, I hope these last two years have corrected that impression.”
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Anderson Cooper: "Not racial. Not racially charged. Racist ... The sentiment the President expressed today is a racist sentiment"
.: "Terror only works when it produces fear.

We are not afraid. We are here and we will be here tomorrow and we'll be here the day after and we'll be here the day after that.

We have a job to do. [This] only makes our resolve that much stronger."
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.: "Today is actually a significant moment in American history. We've only had 45 presidents... now we know one of them was elected with the explicit and intentional help of a foreign power... with the aggressive and open support of the candidate" #KeepingThemHonest
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.@andersoncooper: President Trump claims a lot of the wall has been built?

"#KeepingThemHonest, the wall has not been built. Not a lot of it, not tremendous amounts of it. None of it. The big beautiful border wall that Mexico was going to pay for, it does not exist."
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"Zero. I get zero dollars from consulting companies that deal with U.S. government. Are we clear?" Counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd takes exception to commentator Paris Dennard's suggestion that he benefits financially from his security clearance
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