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bailey may and ylona garcia arrive together at the watch the star studded event here
Bailey May and Ylona Garcia arrive together at the #StarMagicBall2017. Watch the star-studded event here:

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The Wall Street Jour
the us and pakistan have had a rocky relationship but now president trump is leaning on prime minister imran k
The U.S. and Pakistan have had a rocky relationship, but now President Trump is leaning on Prime Minister Imran Khan to help facilitate peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan
AFP news agency
breaking president trump offers to mediate kashmir dispute between india and pakistan
#BREAKING President Trump offers to mediate Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan
Anand Giridharadas
the tip stealing con is a good example of how america functions now in all its rigged glory let us unpack this
The @doordash tip-stealing con is a good example of how America functions now, in all its rigged glory.

Let us unpack this.
a rohingya man asked trump what is the plan to help us trump and where is that exactly
A Rohingya man asked Trump ‘what is the plan to help us?’
Trump: ‘And where is that exactly?’
NBC News
yeah i m not going nowhere not until i impeach this president rep tlaib says as she takes the stage at the naa
"Yeah, I'm not going nowhere! Not until I impeach this president," Rep. Tlaib says as she takes the stage at the NAACP convention in Detroit.
The Spectator Index
satisfied with way democracy is working india 79 germany 73 canada 70 indonesia 69 russia 59 uk 52 poland 51 j
Satisfied with way democracy is working.

India: 79%
Germany: 73%
Canada: 70%
Indonesia: 69%
Russia: 59%
UK: 52%
Poland: 51%
Japan: 50%
US: 46%
South Africa: 43%
Nigeria: 41%
France: 34%
Brazil: 28%
Venezuela: 25%
Spain: 25%
Lebanon: 8%
Mexico: 6%

(Pew Research)
AFP news agency
breaking pakistan is helping us a lot now on afghanistan president trump says
#BREAKING Pakistan is "helping us a lot now" on Afghanistan, President Trump says
BBC News (World)
45 people were injured after dozens of masked men armed with batons stormed a train station in hong kong and a
45 people were injured after dozens of masked men armed with batons stormed a train station in Hong Kong and assaulted pro-democracy protesters

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NBC News
live after gov rossello s refusal to resign thousands gather in san juan to partake in what could be the large
LIVE: After Gov. Rosselló's refusal to resign, thousands gather in San Juan to partake in what could be the largest protest in Puerto Rico’s history.
Reuters Top News
britain s anti brexit liberal democrats name jo swinson as new leader
Britain's anti-#Brexit Liberal Democrats name Jo Swinson as new leader
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