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  3. 2 people rescued from boat fire off coast of redondo beach
2 people rescued from boat fire off coast of Redondo Beach https://t.co/8q3V2W80vN
2 people rescued from boat fire off coast of Redondo Beach https://t.co/8q3V2W80vN


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This pod of dolphins was spotted off the coast of Sussex at the weekend. The pictures were taken from a boat travelling between #Newhaven and #Brighton 🐬
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Aid group: Libyan coast guard destroyed migrant boat, left people to die in the Mediterranean Sea. https://t.co/Wf4jD2nWuZ
For a week after she veered off a Big Sur cliff, Angela Hernandez was stranded on the beach, yelling for help and drinking water dripping from rocks. Until an adventuring couple found her.
https://t.co/8hnq7hKcC4 via @sfchronicle
Hawaii tour boat operators plan to continue taking visitors to see lava, but will follow the Coast Guard's revised policy and stay farther away after an explosion caused molten rock to barrel through the roof of a vessel, injuring 23 people. https://t.co/EwjA2qQyi9
A 7 week old kitten is recovering after being rescued by West Manatee Fire Rescue. The poor thing jumped off the Manatee Ave Bridge. @FOX13News #Manatee #Rescue
Lava from the Hawaii volcano has created a tiny new island off its coast https://t.co/Z9JrGSVZkG
We're very proud of our officers, the medics from Falck Rocky Mountain - Aurora, Colorado and members of Aurora Fire Rescue! Together, they rescued a dog from a house that was on fire. #APDInAction https://t.co/ddIZDPIOIb
Twenty-three people were hurt in an explosion caused by lava oozing into the ocean that sent molten rock crashing through the roof of their sightseeing boat off Hawaii's Big Island, officials said. https://t.co/RZ7INWLJiA
The U.S. Coast Guard now requires boat captains to stay at least 300 yards from lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean https://t.co/VMlVBgy1wq
A member of the team who rescued a young woman after her car plunged off a California cliff is speaking out. Angela Hernandez survived for seven days before she was pulled up 250 feet from the foot of the cliff after hikers found her on Friday.
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