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@ANI_news 3 hours
narendra modi elected as the leader of the nda
Narendra Modi elected as the leader of the NDA.
@ndtv 1 hour
ex jet chairman naresh goyal wife stopped at mumbai from flying abroad
Ex-Jet chairman Naresh Goyal, wife stopped at Mumbai from flying abroad
The Hill
@thehill 41 minutes
actor jon voight declares trump the greatest president since abraham lincoln
Actor Jon Voight declares Trump "the greatest president" since Abraham Lincoln
doug fords tories are spending about 5 billion more than kathleen wynnes liberals and borrowing a lot more yet
"Doug Ford’s Tories are spending about $5 billion more than Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. And borrowing a lot more. Yet their April budget has cut deeply into programs for people in Toronto and across the province. Where did the extra money go?": @reggcohn.
Reuters Top News
russia must release detained ukrainian sailors maritime tribunal
Russia must release detained Ukrainian sailors: maritime tribunal
CNN International
a us federal judge has blocked president trump from tapping into defense department funds to build parts of hi
A US federal judge has blocked President Trump from tapping into Defense Department funds to build parts of his US-Mexico border wall.
CBS News
pope francis says abortion is never ok and equates it to hiring a hitman
Pope Francis says abortion is never OK and equates it to "hiring a hitman"
little heroes every one of them
Little heroes. Every one of them.
@CNN 2 hours
i wish he d go into psychotherapy i d be so proud of him if he did radio shock jock howard stern says he feels
"I wish he'd go into psychotherapy. I'd be so proud of him if he did": Radio shock jock Howard Stern says he feels President Trump was likely "traumatized" by his childhood.
The Hill
@thehill 37 minutes
just in earthquake shakes parts of tokyo before trump arrival
JUST IN: Earthquake shakes parts of Tokyo before Trump arrival
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