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Latest Scoops

Wild burro seen wandering IE canyon with arrow through ear https://t.co/aepYxHataw
Tapeworm causing tingling legs found attached to woman's vertebra in France https://t.co/uat8PSj6pt
.@realDonaldTrump says 'no' when asked if #Russia still targeting the U.S., contradicting his intelligence chief – New Details | Tonight 6.30 @ABCWorldNews
2018 Comic-Con International: San Diego drawing over 130,000 https://t.co/kFbhtBWZnN
UPDATE: Transient killed under 101 Fwy bridge in Echo Park after red Porsche loses control, strikes vehicles, homeless camp https://t.co/v5loMWYBjO
Congressional candidate @katieporteroc receives support from former Arizona Rep. @GabbyGiffords at Tustin rally to end gun violence https://t.co/cld9C6BfX8
BAD DATE: Man steals woman's car while they're out on a date, uses it to bring her godsister to a drive-in movie https://t.co/SKvAM6Uah3
Glendale police searching for woman suspected of stealing belongings, vehicle at a gym https://t.co/80TrpZ8nEq
'Mes de Mas' workout hopes to get the Latino community up and moving toward good health https://t.co/oZLQ4t8Bce
THIS JUST IN: Manny Machado traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, ESPN reports
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