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  3. #breaking 2 adults, 1 child found dead in harnett county home
#BREAKING 2 adults, 1 child found dead in Harnett County home
#BREAKING 2 adults, 1 child found dead in Harnett County home


BREAKING: Mother of newborn found dead at Phoenix Amazon facility arrested https://t.co/XskqXDEvg4
#BREAKING: Two Fairfax County sisters who were found dead in the Hudson River committed suicide, the New York medical examiner's office says. https://t.co/7Alfk7kMoL
BREAKING: Samantha Vivier was charged with one count of unlawful disposal of human remains after her newborn baby was found dead in a Phoenix Amazon warehouse bathroom. https://t.co/n7Uq74KT5o
A jury found 27-year-old Paige Hatfield guilty of injuring a Johnson County infant so badly at her unlicensed home daycare that the boy was left blind and brain damaged. https://t.co/4BbVr76zwe
NEW: Woman's boyfriend arrested after her son, 7, found dead in NJ home https://t.co/alfivJ8fo3
Madhya Pradesh: 4 bodies & a man in critical condition were found in a home by police in Raisen. AP Singh, ASP Raisen says,"Man admitted to hospital & is out of danger. His wife, 12-day-old daughter, 11-year-old brother-in-law, & mother-in-law were declared dead. Probe underway."
DISTURBING: Mesa woman was arrested on nearly 30 counts of animal cruelty after six dead dogs, two animals skulls and the skeletal remains were found inside her home. https://t.co/ppM3hsGotW
Mesa PD: Dead dogs found in trash, skeleton found on home's couch.
Man with gunshot wound found dead in front yard of Midwest City home https://t.co/chQUovr4nl
MORE DETAILS: Deputies say two women were found dead inside a Sissonville home this afternoon after a wellness check was requested from a bank
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