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Latest Scoops

Three men arrested after Florida street racers kill mother pushing stroller, authorities say. https://t.co/AOqSN6dOVr
"I think we have a problem in the train."

The Paris subway floods following torrential rainfall across the city, making for quite the soggy commute. https://t.co/Mf6LO8lRwJ
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Stacey Abrams' resounding win in Georgia vaults her into the national spotlight. https://t.co/EQO1TgdtJq
Blue flames from burning methane seen emerging from cracks in the road during ongoing Kilauea volcano eruption. https://t.co/ExoX7n2cSV
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"They picked on the wrong group."

Teachers show strength in Kentucky primary elections. https://t.co/uUHrDiGqOo
Sales of new U.S. homes fell 1.5% in April as buying plunged in the West. https://t.co/20W2kSCty9
Police in Ohio searching for killer after father was mysteriously left dead in a park as his son was tied up in a home invasion 19 miles away. https://t.co/V5SNiS96ig
Many small businesses still don't know whether they'll win or lose under the new tax law. https://t.co/qxxEfItqp8
As Saudi women prepare to finally take the wheel, as many as 10 women’s rights activists who campaigned for years for women’s right to drive were arrested, leaving many in the country shocked and confused. https://t.co/sbpYR5Vq64
Soccer champion Abby Wambach delivers fiery, inspirational speech to female college graduates, leaving some with “goosebumps” and “tears.” https://t.co/IHmwDKZWs0
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