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Latest Scoops

The NIH says it has stopped procuring human fetal tissue for some research projects while it waits for the Trump administration to complete an audit of the role the tissue plays in federally funded experiments. https://t.co/X0LHqDFMzp
"We drank mine water": Survivors detail "life-changing experience" trapped in abandoned coal mine. https://t.co/qBGG5gelSV
Detroit pastor charged with murder in shooting death of 36-year-old transgender woman, authorities say. https://t.co/3CYCMRKpMe
RAINING MONEY: Many drivers stopped their vehicles on Route 3 in New Jersey during their morning commute to collect cash that had apparently spilled out of an armored truck, causing "multiple" car accidents, according to police. https://t.co/VZCSS6XZJt
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"We made it to space! "

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo climbed more than 50 miles high above California's Mojave Desert and reached a speed of Mach 2.9, nearly three times the speed of sound, before coasting back to Earthhttps://t.co/Ojyd6FYVkK.
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Amazon, big box stores offering special speedy holiday shipping leading up to Christmas. https://t.co/tXyn3MioPW
If lawmakers fail to strike a spending deal by December 21, a government shutdown will take place. But it would look a little different than past instances. https://t.co/0DbQjITKMP
"Every rule of decorum is now broken."

Republican strategist Frank Luntz sounds pessimistic note over combative Oval Office meeting between Pres. Trump and Democratic leaders. https://t.co/Brb9QwtY76
FAILED ATTEMPT: Dramatic video shows the moment a stolen car crashed and flipped on the side of the road amid a chase. The 14-year-old driver tried unsuccessfully to flee on foot before being arrested. https://t.co/Jj7rVumunt
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This elderly driver got pulled over by the police—but it wasn't for speeding! A Wisconsin officer spotted a cane hanging left hooked on the sideview mirror. https://t.co/DKTUqghDbM
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