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A long-term care facility where an Arizona woman in a vegetative state was raped and gave birth last month is looking into another abuse allegation. https://t.co/hMw0TG8bS7
Chefs, rappers and celebrities offer to show Clemson Tigers "a real feast" after Pres. Trump served the team fast food. https://t.co/3dSyUGCRwu
Thousands of participants gather in Washington, D.C. for the third annual Women's March, with events and marches planned across the country. https://t.co/dGWxljC3QE
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.@ABC is On Location with shocking video showing a man jumping off of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in the Bahamas. The man was not seriously injured and has been banned by the cruise line for life. Americans.https://t.co/3iXsGdzvLR
Meet John Bercow, the man at the center of the Brexit drama. https://t.co/WTpXBphwLz
NEW: Pres. Trump says a country has been chosen for the planned second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: "Kim Jong Un is looking very forward to it, and so am I." https://t.co/MiCA07FmsN
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UFC and ESPN have launched a partnership that would have seemed inconceivable even a decade ago. https://t.co/uxTGrymkF6
Across Russia, the devout and the daring are observing the Orthodox Christian feast day of Epiphany by immersing themselves in frigid water through holes cut through the ice of lakes and rivers. https://t.co/GHuZz9Fx5s
The twisted tale of the alleged Russian smuggler floated as a potential prisoner swap: https://t.co/Cte960nEkv
WEATHER: A major winter storm is set to bring heavy snow from the Midwest to the Northeast this weekend – with widespread totals of 10 to 20 inches in the interior Northeast. Via @ABC meteorologist @DanManWX. https://t.co/yAUq008vFx
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