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Latest Scoops

Authorities in Maine investigating suspicious letter sent to Sen. Susan Collins' home. https://t.co/DCt6oNcBfq
Defense Secretary James Mattis says he thinks "nothing at all" about Pres. Trump's comments about him. https://t.co/panfW5joMI
Can Democrats do well in the 2018 midterms by relying on their advantages with women alone? @FiveThirtyEight breaks it down: https://t.co/Eqot64iUP6
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry play with koalas on first day of Australia tour after pregnancy announcement. https://t.co/HCLTbSuG4T
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.@NateSilver538 on why the House and the Senate are moving in opposite directions. https://t.co/PsPxM0t3FW
Natalie Portman offers step-by-step guide on how to boost other women. https://t.co/BRvoTGU91w
New drone footage shows devastation in the seaside community of Mexico Beach, Florida after Hurricane Michael.

The storm demolished nearly every Mexico Beach home and business in its path, including the police departmenthttps://t.co/twi4LiMJFh.
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Seaside home still standing after Hurricane Michael demolishes Mexico Beach, Florida: "We intended to build it to survive." https://t.co/uf728LOEZ0
Federal government's push to prevent lead from harming children's health has stalled, according to top EPA scientist who was recently pushed out of her job. https://t.co/jqV3168RZ5
Trump administration says it plans to require drug makers to start disclosing prices in television advertisements. https://t.co/iSv6cKwcPr
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