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Latest Scoops

Firefighters working the #HolyFire raging in Southern California's Cleveland National Forest took time to help out a dehydrated deer.

The massive wildfire was 41% contained as of Sunday afternoon after burning across more than 35.5 square miles. https://t.co/x9tKrmMuyt
Florida man who invoked "stand your ground" self-defense law after shooting a black man over a parking dispute charged with manslaughter. https://t.co/SvCHjsCNVD
Georgia police officer and wife allegedly stabbed to death by wife's teenage brother. https://t.co/K5LsMW2exc
'Golden State Killer' suspect allegedly murdered his first victim in 1975, while he was working as a police officer. https://t.co/CK6ipOUtpp
“We are extremely heartbroken from this loss. "

California fire officials say a firefighter from Utah was killed while battling th #MendocinoComplexe , the largest wildfire in state historhttps://t.co/QIuEK79rz9y.
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HAPPENING NOW: California fire officials hold press conference on death of firefighter killed battling th #MendocinoComplexe wildfirhttps://t.co/uusjVfWnw3https://t.co/JVSgHeHAkHe.
Aerial footage shows Indonesia's Anak Krakatau volcano erupting in dramatic cascades of smoke. https://t.co/iE728ijqw3
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"Let's put it this way, at the very least, we have a story to tell people."

A woman decked out in her bridal gown had to be rescued by police when her wedding party got swept up in New Jersey floodwaters: https://t.co/vWh2zMmT9j
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SLOWLY DOES IT: Firefighters come to the rescue of Bentley, a 25-year-old tortoise who got trapped in a hole without food or water for several days. https://t.co/Mz9se4Efd0
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In signing the National Defense Authorization Act, Pres. Trump makes no mention of Sen. John McCain, whose name is attached to the legislation. https://t.co/HoeMvNOl5c
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