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labor leader anthony albanese has announced portfolios for his shadow ministry with former leadership team bil
Labor leader Anthony Albanese has announced portfolios for his shadow ministry, with former leadership team Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek remaining in cabinet. #9News

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israel demolished dozens of palestinian homes outside illegally occupied east jerusalem the un says at least 2
Israel demolished dozens of Palestinian homes outside illegally occupied east Jerusalem.

The UN says at least 20 people were displaced.

Israel says the homes were too close to its West Bank separation barrier, which it built mostly on occupied Palestinian land.
The Spectator Index
most generous countries 2018 1 indonesia 2 australia 3 nz 4 us 6 uk 12 uae 15 canada 16 nigeria 22 germany 38
Most generous countries, 2018.

1. Indonesia
2. Australia
3. NZ

4. US
6. UK
12. UAE
15. Canada
16. Nigeria
22. Germany
38. Israel
51. Saudi
68. Italy
72. France
91. Pakistan
110. Russia
114. Mexico
122. Brazil
124. India
128. Japan
131. Turkey
142. China

(World Giving Index)
Morning Joe
who is this guy to say that you cannot criticize the us when that is all that he s been doing for 40 years
"Who is this guy to say that you cannot criticize the U.S. when that is all that he's been doing for 40 years?" -- @JoeNBC
Laura Kuenssberg
a cps spokesperson said the crown prosecution service has today monday 22 july charged charles elphicke mp for
A CPS spokesperson said: “The Crown Prosecution Service has today (Monday 22 July) charged Charles Elphicke, MP for Dover, with 3 charges of sexual assault against 2 women. The CPS made the decision to charge Mr Elphicke after reviewing a file of evidence from the Met Police."
@MSNBC 1 hour
dictators and fascists in their minds associate themselves with their countries according to those leaders if
.@JoeNBC: Dictators and fascists, in their minds, associate themselves with their countries. According to those leaders, "If you criticize the dictator ... you're criticizing the country itself. That's what Donald Trump is doing."
The Associated Press
breaking equifax will pay 700 million to settle 2017 data breach that exposed private information of nearly 15
BREAKING: Equifax will pay $700 million to settle 2017 data breach that exposed private information of nearly 150 million people.
@RT_com 2 hours
spy games iran arrests 17 cia agents sentences some to death read more
Spy Games: #Iran Arrests 17 ‘CIA agents’, sentences some to death

RTÉ News
i hadn t drank a brandy since 2009 drank two yesterday it s nearly killing me shane lowrys grandmother speaks
'I hadn't drank a brandy since 2009 - drank two yesterday, it's nearly killing me.' Shane Lowry’s grandmother speaks of a proud day
John Hudson
scoop leaked documents reveal huaweis secret operations in north korea the embattled chinese tech giant helped
SCOOP: Leaked documents reveal Huawei’s secret operations in North Korea. The embattled Chinese tech giant helped build and maintain North Korea’s wireless phone network as the pariah state came under tighter sanctions. By @nakashimae @gerryshih & me

BBC News (World)
its called komodo island so its for the komodo not for humans indonesian authorities want to give komodo islan
“It’s called Komodo Island, so it’s for the Komodo not for humans"

Indonesian authorities want to give Komodo Island back to the dragons, closing it to tourists and expelling inhabitants

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