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Former foreign minister @JulieBishopMP is retiring from parliament after two decades in politics. “I will not re-contest the seat of Curtin at the next election...I will work hard in the meantime to assist a new Liberal candidate to win the seat." #auspol
Final Frame: This week's super moon rising over the Byron Bay lighthouse in New South Wales. The incredible photo was captured by Dale and Karlie from DK Photography. #TheLatest #7News
Adelaide’s Monarto Zoo has welcomed a healthy baby chimpanzee. The baby’s mother, Hannah, arrived from Sydney’s @tarongazoo last year to join Monarto’s breeding program. #TheLatest #7News
Astronomers have just discovered a miniature moon orbiting Neptune that has been puzzling them for years. Just 33km wide, the speck of a moon hurtles around the planet at 32,000km an hour. #TheLatest #7News
The probe into Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election could soon be over. Mueller’s report may be handed to Congress as early as next week. @nbctracie #TheLatest #7News
American actor Jussie Smollett has been charged with filing a false police report, after claiming he had been subject to a homophobic and racist attack back in January. @Ryanyoungnews #TheLatest #7News
Firefighters have battled throughout the day to contain a massive house fire in Perth. Smoke was seen billowing from the home, and neighbours reported hearing an explosion at the home before the flames begun. #TheLatest #7News
Police are hunting for an arsonist believed to have started a fire destroying a BMW in Adelaide. #TheLatest #7News
.@Westpac today became the first of the Big Four banks to be hit with a class action lawsuit, following the recently concluded Banking Royal Commission. @GemmaActon #TheLatest #7News
New abuse claims against Michael Jackson are mounting after a woman, who worked for Jackson and had first-hand access to his daily life, came forward. @sundaynighton7 #TheLatest #7News

The Most Relevant

**BREAKING** All the boys and their coach are out of the Tham Luang cave. Navy Seals and the doctor still yet to exit. Live coverage on at 10pm with , & . #ThamLuang #7News
98-year-old Sydneysider Daphne Dunne has met Harry for a third time in Sydney. Harry introduced his wife to Daphne for the first time today. "Marvellous." #RoyalWatch #7News
Menindee Fish: "It's not drought, unfortunately it is man-made. And I think someone needs to stand up and take accountability for what's happened. We've spoken to a lot of locals already today, and we've seen them crying" - @TolarnoStation farmer Kate McBride. #Menindee #7News
Saudi Arabian security forces have put on a spectacular show before the annual Hajj pilgrimage. #7News
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A tiger snake found its way to Melbourne's CBD this afternoon. Police blocked off one lane of traffic before Barry the snake catcher arrived to collect the venomous reptile. #7News
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A stand up paddle boarder has had a surprise encounter with a dolphin in Western Australia. #Dolphin #7News
A Sydney judge has today blasted an Instagram star for her vacuous existence smuggling 95 kilos of cocaine into our city to finance her online lifestyle. Escort Melina Roberge was jailed for 8 years. #7News
It was one of the most gut wrenching moments of the year. When a racing car driver became airborne in Macau at incredible speed. It's still hard to see how @SophiaFloersch survived. @hughwhitfeld #SophiaFloersch #7News
A little girl's weather report from Townsville is tonight going viral online. #7News
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Authorities are urgently trying to work out how an overhead freeway sign fell, crushing a passing driver's car in Melbourne. Amazingly, she was not badly hurt and was taken to hospital in a stable condition suffering neck injuries. #Melbourne #7News
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