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Entertainment Mogul |Award Winning YouTube Artist/ DJ |Social Media Influencer | I represent, support everyone in this world with a dream. Join The Movement

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If you ever see me out in public. Just yell my name or speak to me. I promise I will acknowledge you & have a quick conversation. Some people see me and are too afraid to say anything. I encourage it, you might add some inspiration in my life. You fuel me to keep going Thank you
Preparing for 2019!! You guys will be shocked
I have a app now! Upgraded
If you don’t follow on twitter or Instagram I advise you to start. Giveaways will start 2019 to Followers only. I’m paying attention to who RTs, Fav, Replies and comments on my social media platforms. Just a heads up
I bank with my question to everybody on Twitter is. Do I go in disregarding my health and void my chances of suing because they put a sign on the door or don’t go in and be limited on what I can do with my money? (RETWEET W COMMENT)
MarQuis Trill Meet & Greet POP up at at 9:45pm Tonight| Ask host or look for the MarQuis Trill official shirt! Ends at 10:45 | see you there
Paid Internship
Location: Los Angeles Area
Age: 17-40
Capabilities: Microsoft Word, Excel, Social Media Marketing, media expert
Extras: Car, Laptop, 8hrs of daily Freetime, reliable

If it’s you or someone you might know. (RETWEET) & share information. Message
Bro ship me some of that
Who can I talk to about this? I’m in Los Angeles, I miss Texas prices, somebody ship me 20 gallons! What are the gas prices in your city or country? (RETWEET w Comment)
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