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Entertainment Mogul |Award Winning YouTube Artist/ DJ |Social Media Influencer | I represent, support everyone in this world with a dream. Join The Movement

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Just received some great news! I’m getting a place to live in Los Angeles. This will be my fifth residence adding on to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami. I will never need a hotel again, New York I’m coming for you!! @Entertain258 LA Location coming soon as well!
Loyalty is one sided. Know your personal
Early 🐦 bird gets the worm 🐛 | Good Morning World, I hope everyone that sees this tweet has a wonder day and keep in mind It’s a marathon not a sprint, don’t let nobody ruin your day. Positive vibes, positive energy, growth, prosperity and secure a bag.
Investing is 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x or 15x better than saving or spending money. 3 things my followers should be focused on. 1) real-estate 2) Cryptocurrency 3) Create your own buisness
If you ever noticed bad things that happen in our lives line us up directly in the path of the some better things. Stay driven, have a clear understanding for life and appreciate the simple things like taking a breath of fresh air every 2 seconds. Have a great day
I guess my calls are bs 😂😂😂, posted this last month and it’s currently the second week of June. Somebody please tell me what bitcoin is doing 🤑🤑🤭🤭. I’m sorry you can’t read between the line and watch my videos and live stream correctly.
@Sunleil @SpiritRider1 @mm_matt @jack @nealhailey @swydersk @Carollswee @ginestarros @jimlibertarian @SinghLions @Jilliemary @Caroola11 @11i22tt Like Arnold said, I’ll be back!!
You have to do something for people to love you, but your sacrifices, the people around might change your course from how you might wanted to do things. People in this world, want to put you in a box! They want to know what you do, everything you do and how good you do it!
I retired!! 😂😂😂 I made history and everyone is copying. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ There will never be another me
Every failure leads you to success if you stay focus and consistent!
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