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Entertainment Mogul |Award Winning YouTube Artist/ DJ |Social Media Influencer | I represent, support everyone in this world with a dream. Join The Movement

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Doesn’t matter what the price of Bitcoin is if you know how to trade. Learn how you trade and you can make money while bitcoin price rises or fall. I don’t know how many times I have to say it. I can show you better than I can tell you - https://t.co/XcYvgAT51R |
Don’t give negative energy attention!! I love you too
Currently taking my talents to Los Angeles, California! My goal is to turn my 6 figure business into 7 Figures. I will also be opening 3 new offices for @Entertain258 @theworldcares @VLiveHtx & a nightclub. I don’t even have a place locked in. Wish me luck. High risk high reward
If the man your dating can’t cook or doesn’t own tools to fix things. As a woman you should reconsider. What do you think?
We are now live streaming - https://t.co/ygvjsN6NfB | Come learn about cryptocurrency and how to trade
Make sure you have some fun before it’s no more left!
The worst risks are the ones you don’t take!
Moving to Los Angeles this month !! New @VLiveHtx @Entertain258 @theworldcaresOffices opening by the beginning of 2019! Every single person following me has been apart of the journey and we will continue to grow. I couldn’t do most of this without encouraging tweets. Thanks
Thanks for all the tweets and DMs. As promised the Cryptocurrency Community @VLiveHtx are now accepting new members here - https://t.co/RUcYPHOsn4| Get the tools you need to become a successful trader. Monthly gifts, live streams, Signals & Binance algorithm time coin charts.
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