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  3. check your tickets! the winning ticket for the $18.2 million lotto max draw was sold somewhere in ontario.
Check your tickets! The winning ticket for the $18.2 million Lotto Max draw was sold somewhere in Ontario. https://t.co/pBRMiBNiLt


I always think, darn, why couldn't that be me?! And then I remember I never buy a ticket. Is there anyone out there who knows how much they've spent over the years trying to win a jackpot? > $3 million winning lotto ticket sold in Monument vihttps://t.co/iywGpjhYeDa @csgazette
An inner Sydney mother in her 40s has won a record-breaking $107 million Powerball jackpot. Hers was the only division one entry to match all seven winning numbers in last night's draw, the Lott said in a statement #Powerball #7News.
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Tickets for the first EVE Online World Tour event, @Evesterdam 23-24 March at @Compagnietheate, are selling fast! Early Bird tickets now sold out!

More on how you can get tickets for a tour date of your choice: https://t.co/GNUr2RY4xh

#tweetfleet #eveworldtour #evesterdam
A jackpot-winning ticket for Wednesday's Lotto drawing was sold at the 7-Eleven on Highway 105 in Monument, according to @ColoLottery. The ticket is worth $3,294,737. https://t.co/RQEbPQOCwC
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