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North American Tour with @TheChainsmokers // Tickets on sale today
Here’s some Film @HOEG got developed from our desert trip.
Live & on tour with @TheChainsmokers // North America // On sale Friday
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You’re the best! Thanks everyone for listening 🔥❤️
Who do you love? @TheChainsmokers @amazonmusic
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It's 3am and the moonlight's testing me... // Lie To Me (Acoustic) - Video
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The Most Relevant

We have a new album !!!!
So excited to finally tell you SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD is released everywhere on October 23rd
'Sounds Good Feels Good' is released worldwide! Thank you for supporting we love you guys x
Sooo excited to support the 1D lads on their USA & CANADA #WWAtour !!! Cannot wait to rock out in stadiums across Nth America :-) Big love x
thanks for the votes guys... here you go ha 5sos vs. food pt. 2 #ShesKindaHotVMA
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Hi @NiallOfficial it's one of us,you'll never know which one,but we wanna tell the galaxy to go listen to #ThisTown
Happy new year folks!! Thankyou for your continuous support and love. Love, four Australian dudes
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