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James Bond
@007 1 month
and finally rami malek joins the cast of bond25
and finally rami malek joins the cast of bond25
And finally Rami Malek joins the cast of #BOND25

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IE entertainment
a look at who won what at goldenglobes2019 goldenglobes rami malek oliviacolman bohemianrhapsody
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Salman Khan
happy bday yohan dads got ur back and i got ur front but dont fly too high
Happy bday Yohan... dad’s got ur back and I got ur front .... but don’t fly too high
CTV News
@CTVNews 3 hours
i ve fallen in love paralyzed bronco player finds passion for water sports
'I've fallen in love': Paralyzed Bronco player finds passion for water sports
The Source Magazine
oj simpson drop s father s day bomb on twitter khloe is not my daughter
O.J. Simpson Drop's Father's Day Bomb on Twitter, "Khloe is Not My Daughter"
Student Problems
im 197 tired
I’m 197% tired
@Genius 1 hour
no role models to speak of searchin through my memory my memory i couldn t find one
no role models to speak of/ searchin' through my memory, my memory, i couldn't find one
Bandai Namco US
y hear me i m gonna beat you all the has been revealed for jump force get bakugo in the characters pass when h
"...Y'hear me?! I'm gonna... beat you all!"

The #bestboy has been revealed for JUMP FORCE! Get Bakugo in the Characters Pass when he is released!
Baby Animals
you want to be friends
You want to be friends?
@BTVI 2 hours
defers plans to raise money via qip sbi had secured shareholders nod for raising rs 20000 cr in december sbi
The Dodo
@dodo 1 hour
he s actually the happiest guy
He's actually the happiest guy 😊
Gentleman Tips ?
three things you don t do 1 beg for anyone to stay in your life 2 beg for anyone to talk to you 3 beg for anyo
Three things you don't do.
1. Beg for anyone to stay in your life.
2. Beg for anyone to talk to you.
3. Beg for anyones attention.
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