When you want something done ... you have to do it yourself
omg @woodruffbets just reported on MSNBC that Trump lawyer John Dowd writes all his emails in PURPLE COMIC SANS
Ticket presales for Avengers: Infinity War have already surpassed Black Panther’s record https://t.co/mc3fAdsyS7
Sure, Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller. But here's what happens if he does https://t.co/VhzdonT07j
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Why computers can't truly understand what you're saying
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Here's the science behind how electric cars work.
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Sending you all some positive vibes 🌈 https://t.co/6RwkoaH54J
We’ve got a thing for the color green (📸: @nyclovesnyc) #StPatricksDay
So Cambridge Analytica fraudulently obtained Facebook user data and then used it to run election ads on Donald Trump’s behalf https://t.co/8ZhEeMPAZK
The Latest Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Highlights Thanos' Plan https://t.co/zVVAI8irYC
Survivors. Students. Activists.

@Emma4Change @davidhogg111 @cameron_kasky @al3xw1nd @JaclynCorin @Ryan_Deitsch will start the journey to #MarchForOurLives with a Q&A livestreamed on .

M@twitteronday, March 19th 12:30pm ET

Watch live, Tweet your questions using #AskMSDStudents
The answer is... kindness ...
For some essential background on how Cambridge Analytica’s deception came to light, read this MoJo piece from December o @profcarrolln ’s lawsuhttps://t.co/or8ZYDPJhKit
Everyone who did a story about the Trump campaign’s mastery of Facebook’s ad platform needs to go post an update now, thanks
Adrian Lamo Dies at 37 — The Former Hacker Who Tipped off the FBI About Wikileaks Informant Chelsea Manning.


Russia has already attacked a power grid before—in Ukraine. Not only did it wreak havoc in the region, but it might've been preparation for something bigger https://t.co/kKvsS9o9Cp
BREAKING NEWS: We're devastated to report the unfortunate news that Stephen Hawking has died at age 76.
BTS @BTS_twt () is a seven-member South Korean boy band and were the most tweeted about celebrity in 2017, being "liked or retweeted over half a billion times (502 million) " worldwidhttps://t.co/OMcSiZE70E #BTSe.
#EXO (엑소) is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. They performed at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang on February 25https://t.co/2yCtMbxWyu.
Tillerson survived calling Trump a "fucking moron" but a day after he criticizes Russia for using a nerve agent to try and kill someone in Salisbury, England, he gets canned.https://t.co/PZkTyd5ixf
🚨NEW #InfinityWar TRAILER 🚨
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BREAKING PHOTO: Students at an Atlanta high school banned from participating in the #NationalWalkoutDay demonstrations take a knee in their school hallway.
Pi Day? Pie Day? We'll take either. Happy #PiDay!
https://t.co/WgKepSFpty (by @madewithcode)
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