The plane that couldn't be shot down 🛩
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BREAKING NEWS: Putin says Trump willingly gave up Crimea and other parts of Ukraine during their private closed-door meeting at the #Helsinki summit.
Heavy Rainfall Warning No. 4 #NCR_PRSD
Weather System: Southwest Monsoon enhanced by TD Josie
Issued at: 11:00 PM 21 July 2018
Scientists develop the world's first 3D color X-rays
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Dive under the ice with the robots who brave Antarctica:
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Leaked Apple service document confirms new MacBook Pro keyboard is designed to fix dust problems
PS4's Spider-Man gets a story trailer, exclusive suit revealed 👀
How To Avoid Accidentally Buying A Stolen Phone – 5 Tips
Nintendo adds free DLC to one of its biggest titles (and it's available now)
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Every moment you capture should be just as spectacular as you remember. We can help with that. #ShotonHTC by Yuehua Tsai 📷
Starting this weekend, SpaceX is about to land a whole lot more rockets
M. Night Shyamalan's Glass official trailer just dropped! #GlassMovie #SDCC2018
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While @elonmusk is in the headlines for many reasons these days, this particular chart probably doesn’t get enough attention. 10 years after founding, SpaceX had ~0% market share. 16 years: >50%.
Marvel severs ties with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn after a far-right blogger dredges up old tweets that included pedophilia, rape jokes.
Static fire test of Falcon 9 complete— targeting July 25 launch of Iridium-7 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
What this whole @Trevornoah thing reveals is how many people really think calling someone an African is an insult, while calling them French is a compliment. Pity them. I’m British by the way. And African too. Wasnt my idea, Europeans invented these dual identities through Empire
Stardew Valley multiplayer opens up to all PC players in August.
Please share positivity if you have it inside of you - sharing positive content is important / not delusional ... positive
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Social Media Manipulation Rising Globally, New Oxford Report Warns
I will never, ever, get over this
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Can we talk about #GCFinUSA??

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He is the lucky one. (by lumpalindaillustrations) #EXO
Akira is 30 years old today. Here's why @kylemhilliard still wants a video game adaptation.
Putin, a former KGB spy chief, has a pretty good poker face. BUT even he looks like he can't believe his luck, as Trump stands next to him, on foreign soil, and trashes his own intelligence agencies, and repeatedly praises Russia.
“Dragon” was the 18th most popular password in 2017. If dragons were real AND had accounts to log into, they’d definitely have better passwords than that.

Try creating more secure passwords! Then sync them across your computer + iPhone with Lockbox.
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#SDCC2018 Thank You Hall H for a great reception for @halloweenmovie today. Halloween fans are the greatest!
Heavy Rainfall Warning No. 08 #NCR_PRSD

Weather System: Southwest Monsoon (Habagat)
Issued at: 11:00 PM, 16 July 2018 (Monday)
@GOP Funny how you want "respect " and "dignity " when you never showed any....

The @GOP is the party of hypocrisy 😂😂😂😂 http
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BREAKING ALERT: Protesters prepare to surround the White House, occupying #LafayettePark until Trump resigns. Demonstrations begin at 8:30PM tonight. #Treason #ImpeachTrump
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