Telltale Games' The Walking Dead might end early, but at least one former employee still wants you to play Episode 2
On Saturday, a frustrated and impatient Trump called McConnell and offered a stern message: Hold the vote on Kavanaugh, and hold it now. Inside the WH w me, @PhilipRucker + @jdawsey1.
OR . . . just use Firefox.
How to Use the New Screen Capture Interface in macOS Mojave by @waxeditorial
There's a new Ezreal rework, but we're pretty sure @Stixxay can still pull this insane penta off. 🔥
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Women do not cause unwanted pregnancies. Men who ejaculate irresponsibly do, writes Gabrielle Blair
Would love your 1min on this subject - and please leave your 2 cents #my2cents
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Intel drones wants to take over the world of fireworks 🎆
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A new 'forced login' feature on the latest version of Chrome is raising some red flags for privacy advocates
2019 is already looking good for games, here's what's coming
straights? on Twitter? never heard of those
We just tweeted. To say. We love you. #LoveTwitter
A photoshopped picture depicting Trump rescuing people during Hurricane Florence has been shared 275,000 times on Facebook. The original is from Texas flooding in 2015.
And Rod Rosenstein has now left the White House
.@IISuperwomanII is completely right. #BTSARMY
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you know what Namjoon did? THAT.

Security researcher claims macOS Mojave privacy bug on launch day by @zackwhittaker
Apple Finalizes Shazam Acquisition by @rsgnl
Naruto is a baller, BELIEVE IT! 👊
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As a result of inclement weather, Japan has postponed the launch of its HTV-7 cargo craft one day to approximately 1:52 p.m. EDT Saturday.
Happy birthday to @weareoneEXO's screeching dinosaur, Chen! #HappyChenDay
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Oh, we've heard 😁
@GOT7Official #PresentYOU with their Teen Party takeover 🎊
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NEW Death Stranding trailer from #TGS2018 featuring Troy Baker has been revealed! 🔥
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BFR is designed to be fully reusable, servicing Earth orbit as well as the Moon and Mars.
Some brief anecdotal scene from the Trump rally here in Las Vegas: One woman drove in from San Diego. Another drove 16 hours from Elk City, Idaho. A man and his son flew down from Washington State. And everyone in the long line in 95 degree heat is nothing but wildly supportive.
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