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Nash Grier
ahh i m 16 wut
Ahh I'm 16 #wut
debby the actress
just landed stateside to the teen choice nom news unreal thanks teens i choose you too gottacatchemall wut
Just landed stateside to the Teen Choice nom news. Unreal. Thanks, teens. I choose you too. #GottaCatchEmAll #Wut
Nathan Kress
first it was an impromptu mission trip to africa then suddenly i m eating apple turnovers w president obama at
First it was an impromptu mission trip to Africa, then suddenly I'm eating apple turnovers w/ President Obama at my friend's wedding. #wut
Michelle Malkin
so donna brazile gets to comment on gopdebate amp hype big government republican gov john kasich w abcnews hos
So Donna Brazile gets to comment on #GOPDebate & hype Big Government Republican Gov. John Kasich w/ @ABCNews hosts. #wut
Johns Hopkins U.
hey baltimore time to turnup at artscape2015 stop by our stationnorth stage this weekend for on fleek bands an
Hey #Baltimore: Time to #turnup at #Artscape2015! Stop by our #StationNorth stage this weekend for on fleek bands and sick DJ beatz. #wut
The Daily Beast
cruz to the cnbc moderators just now i ll buy ya some tequila or even some famous colorado brownies gopdebate
Cruz, to the CNBC moderators just now: "I'll buy ya some tequila. Or even some famous Colorado brownies." #gopdebate #wut
Nash Grier
hannahsimon i was about to and then i was like wut so now it s in a bag in my safe
@HannahSimon_ I was about to and then I was like #wut so now it's in a bag in my safe
Killer Mike
get off da lame train lol rtj rt jaystrodamus killer mike hasnt dropped an album in years killermike wut
Get off da Lame train lol. #RTJ RT @Jaystrodamus: “Killer Mike hasn’t dropped an album in years." @KillerMike #wut
Tim Reynolds
july 1 2015 draymond green and warriors meet to discuss new deal july 1 2015 talks fall apart july 1 2015 side
July 1, 2015: Draymond Green and Warriors meet to discuss new deal.

July 1, 2015: Talks fall apart.

July 1, 2015: Sides strike deal.

Chris Herring
knicks leading scorers this season melo and afflalo are combined 3 for 20 but the knicks lead the spurs on the
Knicks' leading scorers this season, Melo and Afflalo, are combined 3-for-20. But the Knicks lead the Spurs on the road midway thru 3Q. #wut
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