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clean spirit land agriculture gold bars service to others sober mind good pussy wealth
Clean Spirit
Land /Agriculture
Gold Bars
Service to Others
Sober Mind
Good Pussy

World Economic Forum
who are the 1 the answer might surprise you wealth
Who are the 1%? The answer might surprise you #wealth
World Economic Forum
the richest 1 now owns more than half of all the worlds household wealth inequality
The richest 1% now owns more than half of all the world’s household #wealth #inequality
Lolly Daskal
many people are actually poor because the only thing they have is money frank sonnenberg fsonnenberg wealth
“Many people are actually poor because the only thing they have is money.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg @FSonnenberg #Wealth
Ron Kardashian
youre created with brilliance make it a priority to keep shinning wealth
You’re created with Brilliance! Make it a priority to keep shinning! #Wealth
jeroen blokland
in case you did miss it the distribution of wealth in the us since 1917
In case you did miss it! The distribution of #wealth in the US since 1917.
World Economic Forum
is this the solution to the wealth gap between generations
Is this the solution to the #wealth gap between generations?
@ONS 5 years
wealthiest 10 of households in great britain owned 44 of total wealth in 2010 12
Wealthiest 10% of households in Great Britain owned 44% of total #wealth in 2010/12
@ONS 5 years
poorest 10 of households in gb had wealth of less than 13100
Poorest 10% of households in GB had #wealth of less than £13,100
ABP News
india 6th wealthiest nation with total wealth of 8230 billion dollars says report
#India: 6th wealthiest #nation with total #wealth of 8,230 billion dollars says report

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