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Darren Criss
and in other news in today s events i wanna say break a leg teamstarkid happy opening night for our seventh mu
And in other news in today's events, I wanna say- break a leg @TeamStarKid ! Happy opening night for our SEVENTH musical! #Twisted
Darren Criss
awesome our 7pm sold out good thing there s an 11 30 too best ticket in town twisted
Awesome, our 7pm SOLD OUT! Good thing there's an 11:30 too... Best ticket in town! #TWISTED
Matt Anderson
tattoos are a person s story mine starts w family twisted vast crazy always together familyfirst drwoossc
#Tattoos are a person's story, mine starts w/ #family #twisted #vast #crazy always #together #familyfirst #drwooSSC
Netflix US
he s not scared of detention he s done hard time twisted
He's not scared of detention, he's done hard time. #Twisted
Charlie Sheen
whether u watch 2 see the best new show on tv or 2 see uber babe deniserichards aka best mom ever tune in toni
Whether U watch 2 see the best new show on TV or 2 see über-babe @Denise_Richards aka best mom ever tune in tonight #TWISTED @ABCFamily 9pm
Denise Richards
thank u so much for your messages amp thank u 4 watching our seasonbest fans ever so loyal amp supportive hope
thank u so much for your messages & thank u 4 watching our fans ever so loyal & supportive hope we C you for season 2! #Twisted
Maxime Duprez
space the sun erupts w a twisted blob of plasma coronal mass ejection nasasunearth
#Space: the #Sun erupts w/ a #twisted blob of #plasma (coronal mass ejection) | @NASASunEarth
Bucci Mane
that wrist shot though twisted thin mints phil
That wrist shot, though. #twisted #thin #mints #Phil
Eric Allan Kramer
theshaneharper so down with this bobduncansquad these tweets are killing me bobisthebest laughing my butt off
“@TheShaneHarper: so down with this #BobDuncanSquad these tweets are killing me! #bobisthebest” laughing my butt off right now… #twisted
JG milliondollarkidd
smoke lean sip weed twisted
Smoke lean Sip weed #Twisted
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