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Ronaldinho Gaúcho
new tiempo approved nikefootball nikefootball tiempo
New Tiempo. 🤙🏻 Approved.

#nikefootball #tiempo
Samy Seghir
foot foot foot tiempo carbon enervelateute auber
Foot foot foot !
Nike Football
take the ball take charge take over get the camo tiempo first in the app on april 7
Take the ball. Take charge. Take over.

Get the Camo #Tiempo first in the App on April 7:
Kieran Gibbs
can t wait for saturdays gametime to move forward nikeuk tiempo
Can't wait for Saturdays game...time to move forward @NikeUK #tiempo
El País in English
good morning it s sunshine across spain today here s the weather forecast tiempo
Good morning! It's sunshine across Spain today ☀ here's the weather forecast: #tiempo
Kyle Walker
thanks nikeuk for the new boots colours look great looking forward to wearing them tiempo
Thanks @NikeUK for the new boots, colours look great. Looking forward to wearing them #Tiempo
Nike UK
@NikeUK 4 years
a player worth honouring the new tiempo legend v premium inspired by totti available 0503
A player worth honouring. The new #Tiempo Legend V Premium. Inspired by Totti, available 05.03
Nike UK
@NikeUK 4 years
an icon for an icon celebrate totti s career with the new tiempo legend v premium
An icon for an icon.

Celebrate Totti's career with the new #Tiempo Legend V Premium:
Anouk Hoogendijk
look what i just received nike sent us some extra shoes nike tiempo wwc2015 canada2015 wkdroom oranje
Look what I just received! Nike sent us some extra shoes! #nike #Tiempo #WWC2015 #Canada2015 #wkdroom #oranje
Kyle Walker
loving my new tiempo from nikeuk looking forward to putting them to good use
Loving my new #Tiempo from @NikeUK. Looking forward to putting them to good use!
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