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Dr. Marty Fox
the philly islamic terrorist was not stopped by a background check he was stopped by a good man with a gun
The #Philly #Islamic #Terrorist

Was NOT Stopped By A Background Check

He Was Stopped By A Good Man With A #Gun
Daily Star
finsburypark incident described as terrorist attack
#FinsburyPark incident described as #terrorist attack
Dr. Marty Fox
obama cannot declare blacklivesmatters a terrorist group he would have to take out funding which means soros
#Obama CANNOT Declare #BlackLivesMatters

A #Terrorist Group

He Would Have To Take Out Funding

Which Means #Soros
Dr. Marty Fox
the same people who vetted the female terrorist are vetting the syrianrefugees 2a
The Same People Who Vetted The Female #Terrorist

Are Vetting The #SyrianRefugees

Dr. Marty Fox
mission accomplished obama federal bureau of islam leak 7700 terrorist encounters in one year bansharia
Mission Accomplished #Obama

(F)ederal (B)ureau Of (I)slam LEAK

7700 #Terrorist Encounters In One Year

Dr. Marty Fox
big endorsement for trump terrorist bill ayers shows up at protest freespeechmatters
Big Endorsement For #Trump

#Terrorist Bill Ayers Shows Up At Protest

Dr. Marty Fox
if a terrorist using an iphone used more effective data security than you did you must be corrupt hillary
If A #Terrorist Using An #IPhone

Used More Effective Data Security Than You Did

You Must Be Corrupt #Hillary
Dr. Marty Fox
more evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder isis terrorist refugee chiskyle domestic terrorist
More Evidence That #Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

#ISIS #Terrorist = #Refugee

#ChisKyle = Domestic #Terrorist
@FBI 4 years
wanted liban haji mohamed added to fbi most wanted terrorist list reward up to 50000
Wanted: LIBAN HAJI MOHAMED added to FBI Most Wanted #Terrorist list. Reward up to $50,000.
Dr. Marty Fox
obama replenished the terrorist troops taliban5 back at work treason 2a
#Obama Replenished The #Terrorist Troops

#Taliban5 Back At Work

#Treason #2A
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