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#NiharJanga you just made my whole day buddy.. Congrats on winning the #spellingbee champ.. Some how some way I have to get you to a game #x
It's the #spellingbee finals! These are the top "how to spell" searches for words by state, mapped #dataviz
What a Bee!

Nihar “The Machine" Janga AND Jairam Hathwar are your 2016 Scripps #SpellingBee co-champs!
I have gone home from work because THE #spellingbee IS ON TELEVISION. High drama. These spellers slay.
ICYMI - here's our map of the most misspelled words in America


(corrected legend)
#SpellingBee co-champion Gokul Venkatachalam is actually a major sneakerhead:
That moment when you get checked by the #spellingbee
It’s a tie! Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga are co-champions of the 2016 National #SpellingBee
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