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????Sandra ن
why illinois is broke and texas is not hilarious but true maga trump socialism never works
Why Illinois is broke, and Texas is not
Hilarious but true!!! 😂😂

#Socialism NEVER works!!
Dr. Marty Fox
attn snowflakes you can never eliminate poverty by immigration amp socialism but you can by embracing capitali
ATTN Snowflakes

You Can NEVER Eliminate Poverty By #Immigration & #Socialism

But You Can By Embracing #Capitalism
Prof. Steve Hanke
socialism always fails
#Socialism always fails.
Prof. Steve Hanke
in case you ve been living under a rock socialism doesn t work
In case you've been living under a rock.... #socialism doesn't work.
Dr. Marty Fox
socialism takes care of you cradle to grave they decide if you get to the cradle and when you go to the grave
#Socialism Takes Care Of You Cradle To Grave

They Decide IF You Get To The Cradle

And WHEN You Go To The Grave
Dr. Marty Fox
blacklivesmatter wants to destroy capitalism ruleoflaw pro socialism sounds like the democrat party

Wants To Destroy #Capitalism
Pro #Socialism

➡️ Sounds Like The #Democrat Party
Dr. Marty Fox
attn capitalism hating berniesanders supporters without capitalism socialism has nothing to redistribute
ATTN: #Capitalism Hating #BernieSanders Supporters

Without #Capitalism

#Socialism Has Nothing To Redistribute
Dr. Marty Fox
liberal indoctrination works millennials pick socialism over capitalism pjnet
#Liberal Indoctrination Works

#Millennials Pick #Socialism Over #Capitalism

Prof. Steve Hanke
putting democratic in front of socialism doesn t obscure the fact that it always ends in death and destruction
Putting "democratic" in front of #socialism doesn't obscure the fact that it always ends in death and destruction.
Prof. Steve Hanke
venezuela s economy has shrunk 34 in three years socialism has bankrupted the country
Venezuela's economy has shrunk ~34% in three years. #Socialism has bankrupted the country.
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