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Retweet if you want this #shutdown to end.
He could end this disastrous #shutdown in a heartbeat. But he hasn't. Editorial cartoon by @Rob_Rogers
WH releases photos of POTUS and WH staffers smiling on this first day of #shutdown
U.S. government officially shuts down. Tune in to CNN for live continuing coverage now. #CNN #shutdown
Freshman Dems feeling the heat as #shutdown drags on
.@JesseBWatters: "Apparently Democrats have amnesia. Remember these threats from 2013?" #shutdown
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Pornhub views spike in DC as lawmakers keep busy during #shutdown
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Via @Reddit, the absolute saddest #shutdown photo you will see
.@maziehirono "Mitch McConnell can end this shutdown."

#inners #shutdown #ShutdownStories
More Americans blame Trump for shutdown now then when it began

#inners #Shutdown
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