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Charles M. Blow
tbt a year ago today never forget ever pxxxsygrabber sexualassault cretininchief
#TBT A year ago today. Never forget! EVER!!! #PxxxsyGrabber #SexualAssault #CretinInChief
Charles M. Blow
melania on donald s pxxxygate we are moving on america we re not trump sexualassault grabthembythepxxxy
Melania on Donald's #PxxxyGate: "We are moving on."

America: "We're not!!!"

#Trump #SexualAssault #GrabThemByThePxxxy
Mehdi Hasan
those stories have been largely debunked lie biggest lie of the night debatenight sexualassault
"Those stories have been largely debunked". LIE. BIGGEST LIE OF THE NIGHT.
#debatenight #sexualassault
Mira Sorvino
hey all you who have suffered sexualharassment sexualabuse sexualassault there is strength in numbers let s st
Hey all you who have suffered #sexualharassment #sexualabuse #sexualassault there is strength in numbers. Let's stand up & be counted #MeToo
UN Women
girls impregnated due to sexualassault are barred from attending school in sierra leone v huffpostimpact
Girls impregnated due to #sexualassault are barred from attending school in Sierra Leone: v @HuffPostImpact
and no matter what it is never your fault mattmcgorry speaking to survivors of sexualassault makersmen saam
"And no matter what, it is never your fault" @MattMcGorry speaking to survivors of #sexualassault #MAKERSMen #SAAM
The Courier-Mail
disturbing new sexassault trend stealthing rape sexualassault
Disturbing new #sexassault trend #stealthing #rape #sexualassault
The Daily Edge
top alabama newspaper says roy moore is unacceptable to voters of either party alsen sexualassault predators
Top Alabama newspaper says Roy Moore is unacceptable to voters of either party #ALSen #sexualassault #predators
Van Jones
video mixtape vanjones68 s greatest hits against trump blacklivesmatter nevertrump predator sexualassault
VIDEO MIXTAPE: @VanJones68's greatest HITS -- against TRUMP!! #BlackLivesMatter #NeverTrump #Predator #SexualAssault
Video player
normal pat down or sexual assault lapd caught on camera groping handcuffed protester sexualassault
Normal pat down or sexual assault? #LAPD caught on camera groping handcuffed protester #sexualassault
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