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Anti-Vaxxers shouldn’t be allowed to believe in climate change. #science
The nightmare begins: Trump Picks Top Climate Denier to Lead EPA Transition
Did the administration truly roll back the EPA climate change/greenhouse gas rules the same day the wildfires are raging out west? #science
If u don't have constant great thoughts & energy around u.. Its impossible to have constant great blessings & things happen 2 u #science
Some of the greatest advances in #science are unfolding now inside #Amgen. #biotech
Astrophysics is our endeavor to understand the universe & our place in it. #NASA Town Hall #AAS225 #science
Look at the size of your liver compared to your heart. You are designed to drink more and care less. #Science
I believe it was created by man-made CO2 emissions. 2016 was the hottest year in human history. #Science
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